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Receiving Compensation as an Injured Passenger
An injured passenger may be entitled to recover damages if they are hurt while riding with someone else.
Acquiring Legal Representation to File a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit
Getting injured due the negligence of a healthcare provider can be a traumatic experience.
St. Louis Car Accidents - Merging into Traffic
Car accidents can happen when a driver tries to merge into traffic or switches to another lane suddenly.
The Effects of Brain Injuries on Children
The effects of a brain injury can be far more devastating in a child than in an adult patient. This is because a child's brain is still developing until age 25. An injury sustained by a still-developing brain can stall or even completely stunt the brain's growth.
10 Points to Consider if You are in a Car Accident
If you are involved in a car accident you should call 911 and don't leave the scene, seek medical attention, fill out a police report, take pictures, exchange information, don't apologize, call your insurance company, speak to witnesses and call an attorney.
The Stowers Demand in Texas
The Stowers demand in Texas can help to settle your personal injury claim by placing pressure on the liability insurance carrier to settle if a demand within the liability policy limits is tendered.
Illinois Snowmobile Safety Tips
Tips on staying safe when snowmobiling in Illinois.
Effects of Vacuum Extraction on Your Newborn Baby
Some obstetricians may choose to use a vacuum extractor as a less riskier option than a cesarean section or a prolonged delivery.
Comparative Responsibility for Rear-end Accidents - Bruce Jenner Collision
When a rear-end accident occurs there may be more than one driver at fault, and several parties may actually share the blame.
The Perils of Excessive Speed During Snowy and Icy Conditions
The Perils of Excessive Speed During Snowy and Icy Conditions
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