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Pedestrians Hit While Jogging
Joggers and skaters are more likely than other pedestrians to be involved in road accidents
Questions To Ask Before Hiring An Attorney
Information and questions to ask when you are looking to hire an attorney.
New Illinois Concussion Law Goes Into Effect
Illinois' new “Return to Learn” law, which put new policies into effect for schools regarding students' brain injuries.
Was the Accident You Were Injured in Caused by Vehicle Defect?
There are many factors that can lead to an automobile accident such as drunk driving, vehicle operators drifting into the wrong lanes, speeding, and talking or texting on a cell phone. At times, accidents are also caused by vehicle malfunction.
Chest Injury Cause by Seatbelt in a Car Accident
Car accidents are a common occurrence across the United States. While many injuries can be caused by improper seatbelt use, there have been many cases where people have suffered an injury because of seatbelt use.
Home or Hospital: Best Place to Have a Safe Birth?
Despite the comforts of giving birth in your home, evidence overwhelmingly suggests that hospital births are safer, smarter, and a much better choice for new mothers.
An Overview of Mediation in California Personal Injury
Many personal injury cases end up in mediation. Litigation is often expensive, time-consuming, and emotionally draining. Mediation is generally a cheaper, faster, easier alternative to litigation.
California’s Good Samaritan Law
In California, there is no duty to rescue or assist another person who is in danger or in an emergency situation. This means that you cannot be held liable for not helping out; neither a lawsuit nor criminal charges can be filed.
Sports and Assumption of Risk
Sports and athletic activities can be dangerous to both players and spectators. Players risk being tackled, tripping while running, being hit with a ball or puck, or being fouled by another player.
Driverless Vehicles and Personal Injury
Recently, Google’s prototype driverless cars have been navigating the roads around Mountain View, California. They have been involved in two recent accidents, though the accidents were non-serious in nature, and were caused by other drivers.
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