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Lawsuit Results
I have many student loan bankruptcy adversary cases of which all are posted on my website; on published cases it is the court's written decision; Recent 9th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld my student loan trial win also!
Divorce and the Automatic Stay – What You Need to Know – NJ State Bar Association – Dictum, October 2011
Many people don't know that filing a bankruptcy during a divorce proceeding can have a substantial impact on your rights, duties and obligations. It is important to know how these two area of law intersect.
Repossession of Collateral
This article answers the question of whether a secured creditor may use self-help to repossess collateral after the debtor defaults.
New York Zombie Foreclosures On the Rise
According to RealtyTrac, there were 16,700 zombie foreclosures in New York in 2014. That number has since risen by 54 percent. These homes are often the houses that bring a neighborhood's value down; the houses with unkempt lawns and boarded-up windows that are easy to ignore and forget.
Tips for New York Homeowners Facing Foreclosure
Foreclosure: it can be a terrifying word. It means you are behind with your mortgage payments to the point of being at risk for losing your home. If you find yourself facing foreclosure, don't panic. There are ways to move past this hurdle and stay in your home.
New Year, New Start: Life After Bankruptcy in New York
Having to file for bankruptcy is not the end of the world. In fact, it's quite the opposite. Bankruptcy is your opportunity to regain control of your finances and redirect yourself and your money toward a better future.
Mortgages After Bankruptcy in New York
Credit card debt. Bills piling up. Filing for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy proceedings. Destroyed credit. Foreclosure. All of these things can take a toll on a person, not just financially, but emotionally and legally.
New Proposals for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy from the American Business Institute
This year, Chapter 11 bankruptcy is getting an overhaul. These changes are designed to make filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy easier for businesses.
Should I File Bankruptcy?
Whether or not you should file bankruptcy?
Are You “House Poor?” – How Bankruptcy Can Help
When purchasing a home, it is always important to consider how a mortgage payment will impact your monthly expenses, especially when you have other outstanding debt in the way.
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