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You Violated a Loan Covenant, Now What?
How to deal with your bank when you just can't pay them.
Avondale and Glendale Bankruptcy Lawyers
Peoria, Arizona bankruptcy lawyers Glendale, Arizona Bankruptcy Attorneys Free Consultations | Payment Plans | Start with $0 Down
How Medical Expenses Can Lead to Bankruptcy
The cost of healthcare in the United States has skyrocketed year after year. The healthcare industry is booming and while this is great for patients as they continue to receive excellent healthcare, this is also a huge burden on individuals who are stuck with an enormous amount in medical bills.
How can I protect my credit rating during divorce?
Protecting your credit rating during divorce.
Benefits of Debt Relief
Benefits of Debt Relief
Are Secret Accounts Really the Best Idea?
and especially child support. Many people are taking the necessary steps to prepare for their future in the event of a divorce. They are opening a separate account and hiding it from their spouse.
Who Gets the Debt: Divorce and Bankruptcy
Divorces can be very complex, especially when there are major financial obligations, property and debts to divide. The situation can get very messy when there is a huge financial loss at stake for one or both parties.
Bankruptcy and Zero Balance Credit Cards
You are looking to file for bankruptcy protection and you have a credit card with a zero balance. Do you have to include that credit card if you decide to file for bankruptcy? Find out! Filing bankruptcy in Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona can be complicated.
All Debt is Not Created Equal
When filing for bankruptcy protection, not all debt is created equally. Regardless of whether you are filing under chapter 7 or chapter 13 of the bankruptcy code, whether a debt is secured or unsecured makes a huge difference in how that debt is treated by the bankruptcy court.
There Are Bankruptcy Laws That Can Shield Us
Some times people get to a point where they have actually taken on too much credit and become overpowered by the weight of too much debt, just keep in mind though that there are Murrieta Bankruptcy Attorney laws that can secure us.
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