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Alan Garner, In-House Attorney
Detailing experience as in-house counsel
Commercial Property Owners: Ensure Your “Insured” Status
A recent personal injury case demonstrates that commercial property owners simply cannot be too cautious when it comes to ensuring their status as an additional insured on certificates issued to their tenants and contractors.
Injured at the Gym? Review Your Release. You May Have Waived your Rights
Fitness center agreements include releases from liability. You need to understand terms.
Is my business too small for the Law? The benefits of forming an LLC.
The benefits of forming an LLC over maintaining a sole proprietorship or basic partnership.
Dr. Strangelove or: How I learned to stop worrying about Obamacare and just deal with it
A quick summary of an In-House counsels view on Obamacare and it's potential impact on your business.
James F. McCluskey Announces Candidacy for 2015 Illinois State Bar Association Third Vice President
James F. McCluskey announces his candidacy for the position of 2015 Third Vice President of the Illinois State Bar Association.
Divorcing Florida couples who own a business may benefit by mediation
Florida couples often go into business together. When the relationship is going well, the business usually does as well. Yet when that relationship ends in divorce, the business can go downhill fast.
Simplifying Investor Relations & Equity Crowd Funding
How To Simplify And Manage Investor Relations When Raising Capital Online Through A Crowd Funding Portal Under Rule 506(c) Of Regulation D
Medical Marijuana Organizations in California
Medical marijuana cooperatives and collectives in California.
Divorcing Florida couples wanting to keep their business should consider mediation
Many Florida married couples are also co-owners of a business. This arrangement can work well while the marriage does.
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