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Even if your medical bills have been paid by insurance or Workers' Compensation, you can still recover the full amount of your medical bill.
Investment Scam Targets Immigration Lawyers
Scam artists have been targeting immigration lawyers with fake investment checks
Fraud-on-the-Market Theory Questioned
Fraud on the Market Theory Questioned
New Jersey Continues to Champion Policyholders’ Rights in Champion Dyeing
Keeping with its tradition as a pro-policyholder state, New Jersey’s appellate court recently took away one of the tools the insurance industry has used to chip away at the very coverage carriers promised would provide comprehensive relief...
New Jersey Applies So-Called "Absolute Pollution" Exclusion To Carbon Monoxide Claims
In an apparent departure from New Jersey’s legacy of pro-policyholder jurisprudence, a New Jersey appellate court recently extended the exclusionary reaches of the so-called “absolute pollution exclusion” found in comprehensive general liability (“CGL”) policies to nonenvironmental claims.
“Make No Bones” About Protecting Confidential Business Information
Companies in Massachusetts must take proactive steps to prevent the improper use of confidential business information by their employees and associates, or risk losing protection of that information under the law.
IC or Employee?
How do you make a decision to go independent contractor vs. employee when hiring someone, and what are some obligations you encounter along the way based on your decision?
Subcontractor’s Right to Time Extension from General Contractor Given “Teeth” by Massachusetts Judge
Subcontractors who are denied extra time to complete their work in light of project delays they did not cause should be aware of their right to collect damages from the general contractor for breach of the standard “No Damages for Delay” clause included in most large subcontracts.
Single-Member Versus Multi-Member Limited Liability Companies
Maximum entity protection from court charging orders suggests that formation of multi-member LLCs should be preferable to single-member LLCs.
Don't let a disaster black out your business
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