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Important information to know before appealing a denial of your long-term or short-term disability insurance claim
Things to know before appealing your insurance company’s denial of your long-term or short-term disability benefits
How Using an Attorney for B2B Debt Collection can Save you Money in the Long Run
Experiencing difficulty in obtaining payment from a customer or client at one point or another is a near certainty for nearly every business owner.
How to Start Your Real Estate Project?
A property owner or developer must make important decisions as to a design team when planning a construction project in order to create a good project budget and achieve a good return on investment.
THE CONSTRUCTION PROJECT Part III Who's Responsible When Something Goes Wrong?
All parties involved in a construction project must have clearly defined roles and responsibilities to avoid disputes and litigation and ensure success
Starting a new business? Don't forget the legal details!
A legal to-do list for new businesses to avoid ownership problems and disputes and enhance likelihood of success.
THE CONSTRUCTION PROJECT: Do we have a team? Part II
What are we building and what’s the real price? Fundamental to a construction agreement are two seemingly basic and simple concepts: the scope of work and the total project price. Yet they are a frequent source of dispute and litigation.
Mold Facts and Homeowners Insurance
This article is intended to give you some general information about mold, and how insurers are responding to mold concerns. It is not intended to provide a formal, definitive description or interpretation of California law.
The Constrction Project: Do we have a team? Part I
Owners, Contractors. Design Professionals - the three major players in construction projects. Are they partners in the project? On the samae team? The answers are: No, Maybe and Depends. From both a legal and financial perspective...
Repossession Deficiency
Have you or a loved one had a boat, vehicle, RV, or similar item repossessed? If so, you need to know that when a lender repossesses the car you may still be responsible for a “deficiency”.
From In House To Working From Out Of My House: 4 Months Later
Business Law, Law Practice, Venture Law, Solo Practice
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