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Where to Start with Your App Development, and How to Set Yourself Apart!
This article is the second in a series on software applications which are usually phone/tablet based and goes over recent court decisions and trends in the market.
A How-To Guide to DMCA Takedowns
If a U.S. website is using your images without your permission, the easiest and fastest way to stop infringement is to send the website a “DMCA Takedown Notice” to remove your work from the site.
Copyright Protection for Architecture: Do Photographs Infringe?
Does the architect who retains ownership in his or her work have the right to stop others from copying?
Calling all Realtors: Learn Copyright and Fear Not the Cease and Desist Letter!
Misinformation abounds on the internet. There is nothing new about that. But it is especially true when it comes to copyright law.
Health E-Insights: An Interview with Joel Rothman
Joel Rothman is board certified in intellectual property law . He represents dietary supplement, food and beverage companies in deceptive and unfair trade practice litigation, product claims substantiation, and intellectual property litigation in courts across the country
Effective due diligence for mergers, acquisitions and financial transactions in the food, beverage and dietary supplement industry: avoiding recalls,
Effective due diligence for mergers, acquisitions and financial transactions in the food, beverage and dietary supplement industry: avoiding recalls,
Considerations When Retaining a Patent Attorney
It is important when seeking the advice of any professional and that is never truer than in the selection of a patent attorney.
Taking Care of Your Intellectual Property and Trade Secrets When Starting Your Business
Preventive action can and should be taken when you think you are in the process of creating a lucrative product, service or concept. An audit of your business’s intellectual property is a great way to identify these intangible assets.
The Downside of Socail Media
Be careful when posting to Facebook or Twitter - there are risks to using social media.
AIA - Patent Law Changes you need to know!
What every company, inventor or owner of patented and patentable technology needs to know about changes to US patent law.

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