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SCOTUS to Hear Case Regarding Legality of K-9 Sniffs After the Conclusion of a Traffic Stop
This case poses the question of whether, under federal law, an officer may extend an already-completed stop for a canine sniff without reasonable suspicion or other lawful justification.
Collaborative Divorce - A Better Way To a New Beginning
Collaborative Divorce - A Better Way To a New Beginning
Medical Negligence Results in around 440,000 Death Each Year
A conservative estimate by the federal government had shown that around 98,000 Americans die every year because of medical negligence.
Aggressive Discovery Helps Car Accident Victim Obtain a High Six-Figure Settlement
Aggressive Discovery Helps Car Accident Victim Obtain a High Six-Figure Settlement
What Credit Counseling Course is Required to File Bankruptcy?
Among a number of requirements set forth by the bankruptcy code and which the trustee's office and bankruptcy court oversee and enforce is a requirement to attend a credit counseling course. Available online, over the phone, or in person, this course must be completed prior to filing.
Is bankruptcy right for me?
If you are considering filing bankruptcy, you may want to learn about the different types of bankruptcy which are available to consumers. A Ch. 11 bankruptcy is often cited, but it is a bankruptcy for businesses, as opposed to a Ch. 7 and Ch. 13 bankruptcy which is the type of consumer bankruptcy.
Prescription Pain Killers and Driving - A Deadly Mix
Some drivers have tested positive for multiple drug combinations, particularly prescription drugs.
Florida DUI Penalties
Penalties and Sanctions for DUI
The 6 Commandments of Dealing with Police
Many people in Okaloosa & Walton County ask me as a criminal defense attorney, “What am I allowed to say to law enforcement and police when being arrested or under a criminal investigation? The answer: Ask for your attorney and say as little as possible.
White Collar and post conviction Part three
White Collar and post conviction
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