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Will Harley Davidson’s new electric motorcycle be safer or more dangerous on the road?
Electric motorcycles are not very popular in the U.S. at the moment, and the only place where anything similar is popular is the Chinese. And while they are environmentally friendly, there is a catch that may make motorists even less aware of motorcycles on the road — the engine is silent.
What in Heaven's Name is Full Tort and Why do I need it in my auto insurance policy in PA?
Why should you pay a little extra to have "Full Tort" and Uninsured Motorist Coverage on your auto insurance policy?
How to Choose a Personal Injury Lawyer in PA
How can you be sure you are choosing the best lawyer for you in a PA Personal Injury case?
Where are the Kids?
What happens when the custodial parent withholds the children.
Custody Nuclear Option
What happens when abuse allegations occur in a custody case.
Locked Out
What happens when you are locked out of your home by your spouse?
Stabbing leads to questions about trying juveniles as adults
Do we try juveniles as adults in an attempted homicide crime?
Arizona DUI Charges – What You Should Know About Implied Consent
Implied Consent and Admin Per Se in DUI cases. What does it mean?
How Do Independent Contractors Affect the Liability of a Company?
Since independent contractors are considered self-employed individuals, they should report their income and pay the appropriate taxes on their own. The company hiring them is not required to provide benefits or follow minimum wage laws.
Medical Malpractice: Essentials When Filing a Lawsuit
It is not easy to substantiate and prevail in medical malpractice lawsuits. Although reports often show victims winning millions of dollars, this is not always the case in medical malpractice lawsuits.
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