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New Illinois Eavesdropping Bill
Currently, it is a felony in Illinois to record another individual without his or her consent, although it is not illegal to record police officers in their interactions with the public.
Illinois' New Photo Lineup Law
Wrongful convictions can destroy lives. Being convicted of a crime one did not commit can land an innocent person in prison, saddle him or her with fines and legal fees, and destroy his or her career and relationships while the truly guilty party lives free.
Reinstating Your Illinois Dirver's License
An Illinois driver can lose his or her driving privileges through a license suspension or revocation. The difference between a suspension and a revocation is the length of time the driver's privileges are lost.
Divorce and Your Social Media Network
A recent Censuswide survey found that one in seven divorces in the United States are caused by social media. This is attributed to a variety of reasons
Speeding Citations in North Carolina
Speeding citations as misdemeanors...not so simple matters.
Federal employees' personal information hacked
The report of the hacking by the Chinese of the Office of Personnel Management is troubling for all federal employees. Potentially having your personal information stolen, is disconcerting enough no matter the source of the hacking, but the attack on federal employee data is more worrying.
Due process is important for all federal workers
There has been much discussion on the topic of the firing of federal employees. Some still try to sell the old line that "you can't fire a federal employee." This is, to put it bluntly, hogwash.
What are they thinking?
The Senate has passed a budget. For federal employees the subtext of that passage may be this; however bad you thought it has been, if this were enacted, it would get much worse. The budget would cut $496 billion civilian agencies over the next ten years.
Changes still in progress at the VA health system
The Veterans' Affairs Department has been rocked by the hospital scheduling scandal and other issues connected to providing health care to the nation's veterans.
What is due process?
What is due process? And why is it important? Due process is shorthand for all of the procedural requirements that occur in litigation. You expect that when you are accused of "wrongdoing," that you will have an opportunity to defend yourself.
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