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Defective Product Design Cases, Excluding Other Causes and Feasible Design Alternatives
A look at the requirement of Feasible Design Alternative, and the need to show that a product is unreasonably dangerous in order to recover in a Strict liability Case.
Removable Guards and the Case for Liability. What Warnings?
A look at the American Airlines case involving a baggage handler rendered quadriplegic as a result of an alleged defect in the baggage cart.
Reckless Driving By Speed In Virginia
Summary of Reckless Driving by Speed in Virginia
The Dangers of Products and the Removibility of Guards--When is a guard a guard?
A review of cases involving the removal of guards on machines, and the dangers and liability of the removal of Asbestos Products.
Watch What you put in YOUR Garbage
A look at the legality of certain objects in garbage bags that cause injury, and when the homeowner will be liable.
Labor Law 240 (1) and the Current Trends
A recent look at Labor Law Section 240(1) in the current era. A discussion of the Absolute Liability Provisions of Labor Law Section 240(1)
New Notice of Claim Provisions in New York State regarding Individual Employees
A Recent Look at a Change of Law in New York State regarding the need to name Individual Employees in a notice of Claim, and the ramifications of the New Rule.
Medical Malpractice Cases in Current Times in New York State
A look at the most recent Medical Malpractice Cases decided in New York State in 2013
Medical Malpractice, and the case of the Foreign Object vs. a Course of Treatment
New York State Cases on Retention of Foriegn object in 2013 and the definition of a Course of Treatment
Jury Verdicts, Impeachment and Collateral Estoppel during 2013
Cases in 2013 in New York State dealing with Jury Verdicts and the Impeachment of Jury Verdicts.
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