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Will Compass Group Get Paid?
When your debtor sends a letter that the bank foreclosed on its property and sold the assets to an unrelated party for less than the secured debt, what is a poor creditor to do?
Abandoned Tenant Property Law in Pennsylvania
What does a landlord do when the tenant leaves personal property behind when the tenant vacates?
A Pet or Not a Pet?
Condominium associations that have a "no pets" policy are often faced with the challenge of knowing when to allow a reasonable accommodation to permit an owner to have an animal. This article explores some of the considerations related to providing a reasonable accommodation.
Updates on foreclosure practice
NY Law requires the foreclosure plaintiff's attorney must file a "certificate of merit" attesting to his or her knowledge that the foreclosure plaintiff is the "creditor entitled to enforce rights" under the subject loan documents, and that the foreclosure suit has a "reasonable basis."
What happens when you are in the middle of modifying your mortgage only to find out your bank is still foreclosing on your home?
After predatory lending gave us the biggest market "correction" since the Great Depression banks began to mitigate their losses by attempting to fast track foreclosures. Dual tracking is when the bank moves forward with foreclosing even though you have already began to secure a loan modification.
Negotiating the Construction Contract- Some Insights
A brief guide on the importance of construction contract negotiations.
Collecting Debt in the Construction Industry
A brief view on construction contract disputes.
Why you need a Will in Washington State
Having a Last Will and Testament in Washington State is an important way to protect your family and your finances.
In Florida, it is a criminal offense to engage in contracting work or otherwise act in the capacity of a contractor without a valid Florida contractor’s license.
What is a Divorce Decree?
Learn what makes up divorce decree, and the various parts thereof (including property division, child custody, child support).
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