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COMMERCIAL CONSTRUCTION IN NORTH CAROLINA: Late Payments to Subcontractors - is it legal?
Wilmington Construction Law attorney Wesley Scott Jones discusses the rights of Subcontractors to be timely paid on Commercial Construction Projects in North Carolina. Wesley Jones is an attorney practicing in Wilmington, NC (New Hanover County)
Using Land Trusts in Colorado
The land trust is a very powerful tool for the savvy real estate investor, and there are many reasons to use land trusts in Colorado. A Colorado land trust is a revocable, living trust used specifically for holding title to real estate.
Premises Liability: Actions Against Landlord
Premises Liability: Actions Against Landlord
Premises Liability: Actions Against Landowner (Homeowner)
Premises Liability: Actions Against Landowner (Homeowner)
The Sharp Sword of Residential Property Disclosures
The Oklahoma Residential Property Condition Disclosure Act
Fair Disclosure of Defects in Residential Property
This article will address a number of specific problems commonly faced in the fulfillment of the directives found in the Oklahoma Residential Property Condition Disclosure Act
Residential Construction Claims come about within a variety of contexts depending upon who you are in the process. Check out this Blog for the most common residential construction claims in North Carolina.
Is My Neighbor Trespassing? Easement Overview, Central Michigan, Northern Michigan, Jillian Sadler, Levitt Law Firm
An easement is the right to enter onto the property of another person. The most obvious place that this is demonstrated is in sidewalks. We have the right to walk across our neighbor’s property so long as we stay on the sidewalk.
Legal Alert- Real Estate
In an effort to provide you continuing legal services and keep you abreast of developments that may impact you and your families, I am providing you the following Legal Alert on the evolving real estate market.
Law that Works for Business
A novel approach to legal service
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