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Critical Lease Terms and Clauses
Renting property to another person can be an intimidating prospect. The best way to handle this process is to have a lease created that specifically addresses potential problems that may arise and lays out specific rules that must be followed by both the landlord and the tenant.
Why an Attorney should Review your Lease Agreement
Find out the information you need to know about lease agreements.
How Can An Attorney Help You If Your Property Is Subject To An Eminent Domain Proceeding?
Eminent domain is the right of a government to take private property for public use, provided that the party from which is taken receives just compensation.
How to Start Your Real Estate Project?
A property owner or developer must make important decisions as to a design team when planning a construction project in order to create a good project budget and achieve a good return on investment.
THE CONSTRUCTION PROJECT Part III Who's Responsible When Something Goes Wrong?
All parties involved in a construction project must have clearly defined roles and responsibilities to avoid disputes and litigation and ensure success
THE CONSTRUCTION PROJECT: Do we have a team? Part II
What are we building and what’s the real price? Fundamental to a construction agreement are two seemingly basic and simple concepts: the scope of work and the total project price. Yet they are a frequent source of dispute and litigation.
The Constrction Project: Do we have a team? Part I
Owners, Contractors. Design Professionals - the three major players in construction projects. Are they partners in the project? On the samae team? The answers are: No, Maybe and Depends. From both a legal and financial perspective...
Will Compass Group Get Paid?
When your debtor sends a letter that the bank foreclosed on its property and sold the assets to an unrelated party for less than the secured debt, what is a poor creditor to do?
Abandoned Tenant Property Law in Pennsylvania
What does a landlord do when the tenant leaves personal property behind when the tenant vacates?
A Pet or Not a Pet?
Condominium associations that have a "no pets" policy are often faced with the challenge of knowing when to allow a reasonable accommodation to permit an owner to have an animal. This article explores some of the considerations related to providing a reasonable accommodation.
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