Brandeis Lawyer, California

Ellen M. Cheney Photo

Ellen M. Cheney

Bankruptcy, Reorganization, Credit & Debt

Ms. Cheney understands that bankruptcy is not always the right option. Based on her banking experience, she... (more)



John C. Barlow

Estate, Elder Law, Real Estate, Business, Litigation
Status:In Good Standing

About John C. BarlowJohn Barlow has over 30 years experience practicing law in the Los Angeles and Ventura... (more)

Adrienne K. Miller

Corporate, Estate Planning, Family Law, Litigation, Real Estate
Status:In Good Standing

I live and work in Simi Valley and have been practicing here for the past decade.I love practicing law in... (more)



Debra J Kay

Child Support, Farms, Divorce, Family Law
Status:In Good Standing

Ms. Kay has practiced law in Ventura and Los Angeles Counties (including courts in Simi Valley, Ventura,... (more)

Fred Charness

Insurance, Personal Injury
Status:In Good Standing

Fred MFred M. Charness founded the firm in 1982 after a thirteen-year tenureas counsel for the Automobile... (more)

Leigh E. Charness

Insurance, Personal Injury
Status:In Good Standing

Leigh ELeigh E. Charness joined the firm in 1996. As Fred's daughter, she has been exposed to the law her... (more)

Cynthia Marian Pandolfi

Business, Contract, Criminal, Credit & Debt, Employee Rights
Status:In Good Standing Licensed:19 Years

Franklin Joel Radoff

Family Law
Status:In Good Standing Licensed:46 Years

Janie Hall Beach

Trusts, Wills
Status:In Good Standing Licensed:24 Years

Brandon Michael Sua

Criminal, Family Law, Personal Injury
Status:In Good Standing Licensed:2 Years