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Michael Robert Cerrie Photo
Criminal, Motor Vehicle, Divorce & Family Law, Real Estate, Estate
Attorney Cerrie focuses on Criminal Law, V & T, Matrimonial Actions, Evictions & more

Michael Cerrie is a sole practitioner who is committed to provide his client's with the individual... (more)



John P. Gullo

Administrative Law, Alcoholic Beverages, Dispute Resolution, Animal Bite, Apparel
Status:In Good Standing

John P. Gullo II has over 15 years experience in the practice of law, including working for a large... (more)



John Peter Gullo

Bankruptcy, Transportation & Shipping, Traffic, Personal Injury
Status:In Good Standing Licensed:25 Years

David Matthew Civilette

Traffic, Health Care, Credit & Debt, Personal Injury, Real Estate
Status:In Good Standing Licensed:43 Years

Lydia Vaughn Evans

Divorce, Mediation, Family Law, Adoption, Commercial Real Estate
Status:In Good Standing Licensed:22 Years

Charles Robert Loveland

Real Estate, Traffic, Family Law, Bankruptcy, Collection
Status:In Good Standing Licensed:51 Years

Gregory David Drab

Family Law, Estate Planning
Status:In Good Standing Licensed:11 Years

Debora Kaymore Becerra

Corporate, Real Estate, Trusts
Status:In Good Standing Licensed:18 Years

Johan Sigurd Ellefsen

General Practice Lawyer
Status:In Good Standing Licensed:3 Years

Joseph Allen Price

Personal Injury, Bankruptcy, Transportation & Shipping, Traffic
Status:In Good Standing Licensed:19 Years