Carthage Lawyer, North Carolina

Brett Smith Yauger

Bankruptcy, Criminal, Workers' Compensation
Status:In Good Standing

Getting to Know Brett Yauger... I became a lawyer because...after serving as an officer in the United... (more)

Craig A. Slagle

Criminal, Estate Planning, Family Law, Litigation, Real Estate
Status:In Good Standing

I became a lawyer because... It allows me to help all different types of people with all types of life's... (more)

Michael C. Rowland

Criminal, Personal Injury
Status:In Good Standing

Getting to know Mike Rowland... I became a lawyer because: I believe this is my life purpose. There are... (more)

Matthew Rothbeind

Status:In Good Standing Licensed:18 Years

Matthew Rothbeind

Criminal, Immigration
Status:In Good Standing Licensed:35 Years

Stephan F. Lapping

Government, Social Security
Status:In Good Standing Licensed:30 Years

Sherwood Foster Lapping

Government, Social Security
Status:Inactive Licensed:35 Years

Arthur M. Blue

Federal Appellate Practice, Bankruptcy, Personal Injury
Status:In Good Standing Licensed:26 Years

Maureen H. Krueger

Real Estate, Criminal, Contract, Wills & Probate, Traffic
Status:In Good Standing Licensed:20 Years

Arthur M. Blue

Status:In Good Standing Licensed:16 Years