Dafter Lawyer, Michigan

David E. Bulson Photo

David E. Bulson

Bankruptcy & Debt, Estate, Real Estate, Business, Accident & Injury
Small solo boutique practice of select clients

Small boutique law firm with select clients and 30 years of experience handling bankruptcy, probate,... (more)

Will Lucius Photo
Estate Planning, Trusts, Wills & Probate, Medicare & Medicaid

William Lucius focuses his practice on elder law, estate planning, nursing home placement and benefit... (more)

Greg Jon Mick

Real Estate, Business, Environmental Law Other, Litigation, Environmental Law
Status:In Good Standing Licensed:11 Years

Mark L. Dobias

Real Estate, Criminal, Social Security
Status:In Good Standing

John R. Wernet

Indians & Native Populations, Native People
Status:In Good Standing Licensed:40 Years

Jillian A. Sadler

Real Estate, Intellectual Property, Criminal, Business
Status:In Good Standing Licensed:2 Years

Eric G. Blubaugh

Children's Rights, Child Custody
Status:In Good Standing Licensed:19 Years

Elizabeth Biolette Church

Criminal, Estate Planning
Status:In Good Standing Licensed:23 Years

Angela K. Harmon-Kuhl

Indians & Native Populations
Status:In Good Standing Licensed:16 Years

Michael T. Veum

Real Estate, Estate Planning, Estate
Status:In Good Standing Licensed:17 Years