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Facing Child Support Issues

Any legal matter involving your children requires the utmost care and concern. You should hire a child support lawyer to protect your family's interests during this stressful time. If you're either seeking past child support payment, or looking for compensation from a former spouse, many child support lawyers understand how to reach a solid resolution to your case.

Sample DE Child Support Cases

... (2) has assumed the obligations of parenthood by taking significant responsibility for the child's care, education and development—including the child's support, without the expectation of financial compensation; ... (Del.2003). [71] Id. [72] Div. of Child Support Enforcement ex rel. ...

... Sixth, the trial judge considered the parents' past and present compliance with their rights and responsibilities to their child under title 13, section 701. [39] Section 735 701 discusses the responsibilities that parents have for a child's support, care, nurture, welfare and education. ...

985 A.2d 390 (2009). FORD v. DIVISION OF CHILD SUPPORT ENFORCEMENT (DCSE). No. 396, 2009. Supreme Court of Delaware. December 8, 2009. Decision Without Published Opinion Affirmed.

... [16]. The record reflects that the Family Court included the costs of child care and private school tuition when it calculated the amount of child support owed by the Husband, but did not credit the Husband with those expenses when it calculated the amount of alimony owed by the ...

... Czech denied ever touching Mary or any of her cousins inappropriately. Child Witness Support Person. ... Contact, such as holding the child's hand or permitting the child to sit on the support person's lap is highly intrusive and should be considered only as a last resort. ...

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