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Sample DC Class Action Cases

... by a preponderance of the evidence that the employer's stated reason for the adverse action was a pretext intended to disguise discrimination. Id. [7] Because Nicola does not claim discrimination directed at his own religion, he is not a member of a class expressly protected ...

... Appellants attempted to bring a 594 class action lawsuit against the District and the towing companies under numerous theories โ€” breach of bailment, conversion, civil conspiracy, unjust enrichment, and violations of the District of Columbia Consumer Protection Procedures Act ...

... See id. ยง 227(b)(1)(C). Appellant, a non-profit organization located in the District of Columbia, filed a class action on behalf of non-profit organizations and others located in the District who have received unsolicited faxes โ€” newsletters titled "Investors' Alert" โ€” from appellees. ...

... Defendants assert that he failed to establish a prima facie case of retaliation, because he suffered no adverse personnel action, and because the evidence was insufficient to establish a causal connection between his class action lawsuit and any adverse personnel action. ...

... to defend Coors in any suit "seeking damages on account of such bodily injury, even if any of the allegations of the suit are groundless, false, or fraudulent." Subsequently, Coors and several other alcohol manufacturers became defendants in five putative class action lawsuits [1 ...

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