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Facing Divorce Issues

When first getting married, divorce is probably the last thing on a couples' mind. However, these things happen, and a divorce lawyer has the experience to assist you with any questions about legal separation. It can be complicated to try and handle alimony payment or child custody by yourself, which is why we recommend you first consult with a local divorce lawyer.

Sample DC Divorce Cases

... Do the quoted provisions permit modification in accordance with their terms of a child support agreement (1) reached by the parties in the state of Georgia before divorcing there and (2) which by Georgia law became part of the judgment or "order" of the court granting the divorce ...

... District of Columbia. In December 2005, after the parties and their children moved away from the District, Ms. Connole asked the Superior Court to modify the divorce decree to include an order of child support. The trial court ...

... [1]. Factual Summary. Appellant and appellee reached a Property and Support Settlement Agreement ("Agreement") on December 28, 2000, which finalized their divorce proceedings in the Circuit Court of Fairfax County, Virginia ("Fairfax Court"). ...

... In January 1998, Levin filed a Complaint for Divorce, Custody, and Child Support in the District of Columbia Superior Court. ... Levin again filed for divorce in the Superior Court at some point in 2002 but again was unable to effect service on Lasché. ...

... Appellant Robert N. Davis filed in the Superior Court Family Division a complaint in which he sought a divorce from appellee Linda Margarette Williams Davis without an adjudication of property rights. ... In 2003, the parties filed cross-petitions for divorce in Mississippi. ...

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