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... The principal asset was the mother's home, on which this appeal focuses. Subsequently, after a hearing, the probate court voided the sale and removed Eltayeb as the personal representative of the mother's estate. ... No probate proceedings were instituted at that time. ...

... In late 1997, the Probate Division of the Superior Court of the District of Columbia (the "probate court") appointed Pleshaw to serve as counsel to Joseph Riley in an intervention proceeding, and later to be the guardian/conservator for the Riley Estate. ...

... The matter of Ms. Mollie Orshansky's conservatorship first came before this court in 2002, when we ruled that the probate court had erred in appointing a guardian and conservator, the appellee, Harry J. Jordan, from the court's fiduciary list, without following the safeguards of the ...

... A summary hearing was scheduled before the probate court but respondent did not appear for that hearing nor the rescheduled hearing; 1054 whereupon, the probate court removed respondent and appointed another attorney as successor guardian. ...

... On May 30, 2007, appellant's wife, Kathryn E. Randall, had filed a Petition for General Proceeding in the Probate Division of the Superior Court 52 seeking the appointment of a guardian and conservator for Dr. Randall on the grounds that he was incapacitated, suffered from ...

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