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Sample DC Workers' Compensation Cases

... view of the modern trend reveals two important points: (1) they relate to compensation "for emotional ... of the job were so great that they could have caused harm to an average worker. ... of a pre-existing condition can be compensable under the law of workers' compensation." Id. ...

... Subsequently, in 1996, the employer began coverage under the DC Worker's Compensation Act and coverage was provided by Liberty Mutual ... assistance of counsel before DOES and on appeal, but she cites no authority guaranteeing workers' compensation claimants effective ...

... analysis or articulation of the legal principles on which its statement rested, the CRB's cursory application of the Workers' Compensation Act is not ... v. District of Columbia Dep't of Employment Servs., 584 A.2d 564, 570, n. 9 (DC1990) ("[A] worker's compensation claimant need ...

... Under the workers' compensation laws of Maryland and the District of Columbia, a worker may have more than one employer at the same time. [16] In that case, both employers are obligated to provide the employee with workers' compensation coverage. ...

... The appellees argue that the basic purpose of the Workmen's Compensation Act is to provide compensation for the impairment of earning capacity of injured workers, and that a worker who is being compensated for a permanent and total disability is, in effect, being ...

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