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Elyssa M Schnurr


Elyssa M Schnurr Lawyer

Estate Planning, Trusts, Wills & Probate, Mediation, Estate Administration

Law School: South Texas COL, Licensed 21 yearsVerifiedCredential and Bar Status Verified by Lawyer.com - click here to view.

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50 Briar Hollow Lane, Ste 210 West(3.8 miles)
Houston, TX 77027 (Harris County)
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Jeffry S. Abrams (1.9 miles)
Dispute Resolution, Arbitration, International, Mediation
815 Hawthorne,
Houston, TX 77006, Harris County
Judith W. Lenox (1.8 miles)
Estate Administration, Estate Planning, Guardianships & Conservatorships, Litigation, Mediation
815 Walker, Suite 240
Houston, TX 77002, Harris County
Susan G Perin (3.8 miles)
Dispute Resolution, Arbitration, Mediation
3207 Mercer Street,
Houston, TX 77027, Harris County
Carl D. Shaw (4.9 miles)
Personal Injury, Litigation, Environmental Law, Employment, Mediation
ShawLaw, 1770 Saint James Pl Ste 120 B
Houston, TX 77056, Harris County
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Jacqueline Armstrong (12.8 miles)
Dispute Resolution, Employment, Federal Trial Practice, Litigation, Mediation
Suite 910, 11111 Katy Freeway,
Houston, TX 77079, Harris County
George W Wilhite (17.5 miles)
Business Organization, Deceptive Trade Practices, Mediation, Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury
17101 Kuykendahl Road,
Houston, TX 77068, Harris County
Scott Kevin Boates (1.5 miles)
Estate, Divorce & Family Law, Litigation, Mediation, Child Custody
440 Louisiana Street, Suite 1200
Houston, TX 77002, Harris County
Sam "Trey" Yates (3.8 miles)
Divorce & Family Law, Estate, Mediation, Child Custody, Elder Law
50 Briar Hollow Lane, Suite 425 West Building
Houston, TX 77027, Harris County
Radha Thiagarajan (3.7 miles)
Employment Contracts, Business, Mediation, Real Estate, Business Organization
3555 Timmons, Suite 790
Houston, TX 77027, Harris County
Walter Clark Martin, Retired (0.8 miles)
Dispute Resolution, Administrative Law, Mediation
321 Heights Boulevard,
Houston, TX 77007, HARRIS County
Mitchell Allan Reid (1.6 miles)
Litigation, Mediation, Energy, Health Care Other, Insurance
600 Travis St, Ste 4200
Houston, TX 77002, HARRIS County
John R. Hawkins (1.6 miles)
Litigation, Intellectual Property, Mediation, Malpractice, Transactions
1000 Main St, Fl 36
Houston, TX 77002, HARRIS County
Katherine Ann Wade (1.6 miles)
Intellectual Property, Mediation, Litigation, Energy, Insurance
1000 Main St, Fl 36
Houston, TX 77002, HARRIS County
John A. Irvine (1.6 miles)
Litigation, Mediation, Antitrust, White Collar Crime, Insurance
1000 Main St, Fl 36
Houston, TX 77002, HARRIS County
John Rolfe Eldridge (1.8 miles)
Environmental Law Other, Oil & Gas, Transactions, Property Damage, Mediation
1221 Mckinney St, Ste 2100
Houston, TX 77010, HARRIS County
Clayton Davis Forswall (1.9 miles)
Complex Litigation, Mediation
1301 Mckinney Street, Ste 3000
Houston, TX 77010, HARRIS County
Raymond C. Kerr (5.6 miles)
Estate Planning, Arbitration, Construction, Wills & Probate, Mediation
1800 Bering Drive, Suite 600
Houston, TX 77057, Harris County
Alice Oliver-parrott (2.8 miles)
Arbitration, Mediation
5009 Caroline St, Ste 100
Houston, TX 77004, HARRIS County
Jeffry S. Abrams (3.3 miles)
Dispute Resolution, Arbitration, International, Mediation, Clean Air Practice
3203 Mercer St, Ste 200
Houston, TX 77027, HARRIS County

1-20 of 49 matches. Page 1 of 3.

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Sample TX Mediation Cases

... Northwest admitted at the hearing on the motion to compel that it sought discovery to aid in mediation and that the failure of mediation was the impetus for its motion to compel arbitration. ... Mediation as Condition Precedent to Arbitration. ...

... [1] Before filing an answer, the Levines' attorney requested a written standstill agreement from the law firms, "where no pleadings, including the Answer, will be filed for a 45 to 60 day period while we attempt to have the mediation process run its course." When the law firms ...

... Ordinarily, settlement agreements arising from mediation are not binding when one party timely withdraws consent 422 to the agreement, unless the other party successfully sues to enforce the settlement agreement as a contract that complies with rule 11 of the Texas Rules of ...

... Appellant and appellee were living in Arkansas when they decided to divorce and engaged in mediation as a part of their divorce proceedings. During mediation, they reduced their agreement to writing and signed it on January 9, 2003. ...

... According to the agreement, arbitration is to occur in Dallas, Texas "in accordance 653 with the laws of the State of Texas." The agreement further provides that a mediation "shall be conducted prior to arbitration upon the request of any party." The agreement specified that ...

County Court At Law in Houston TX

County Court At Law handles legal issues in Mediation.

1201 Franklin St, Houston, TX
Phone: 713-755-6180
Fax: 713-755-4882
Website: http://www.ccl.hctx.net/criminal/default.htm

201 Caroline St, Houston, TX
Phone: 713-755-6794
Website: http://www.ccl.hctx.net/civil/default.htm

District Court in Houston TX

District Court handles legal issues in Mediation.

1200 Congress St, 5Th Floor, Houston, TX
Phone: 713-222-4900
Website: http://www.justex.net/Courts/Juvenile/JuvenileCourts.aspx

1115 Congress St, 2Nd Floor, Houston, TX
Website: http://www.justex.net/Courts/Family/FamilyCourts.aspx

201 Caroline St, #420, Po Box 4651, Houston, TX
Phone: 713-755-7300
Website: http://www.hcdistrictclerk.com/common/default.aspx

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