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Law School:McGill University, Faculty of Law Master of Laws
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San Jose attorney Tab Mitchell is an aggressive and tenacious personal injury lawyer who has spent his entire career litigating serious accident cases. He brings years of experience and an acute understanding of personal injury law to his practice. Two things set Mr. Mitchell apart from other attorneys: * He has been the victim of a severe accident himself * He began his legal career by spending years in the "enemy camp" working for the insurance companies learning all their tricks so as to be able to better help personal injury victims in his present practice. Attorney Tab Mitchell was victimized by a severe head-on motorcycle crash at age 19 causing multiple fractures, necessitating two months in the hospital's orthopedic surgery ward with over $500,000 in medical bills. This awful, life changing experience during his last year of college at the University of Florida caused Mr. Mitchell to abandon his career goals from going to medical school so as to become a doctor. Instead, he decided to enter law school with dreams of becoming a personal injury attorney and has never looked back. Three years thereafter, he completed his law degree from the Emory University School of Law in Atlanta, GA, in 1982 at only 22 years of age and has spent the entirety of his legal career involved in accident cases of every imaginable type. Personal injury law is all he knows. Attorney Mitchell spent nearly the first decade of his law practice exclusively in the field of aviation accident litigation working for insurance defense law firms in Dallas, Los Angeles and San Francisco. The majority of his airplane and helicopter crash cases throughout the United States involved catastrophic personal injury and wrongful death. Few personal injury claims are more complex than aviation accidents. This early insurance defense experience provided invaluable "insider" insight as to the tactics, strategies and thought processes of insurance adjusters and defense lawyers alike. In the early 90's, Tab Mitchell joined one of the largest and most successful plaintiff's personal injury law firms in the state of Texas, where he managed the Aviation Litigation Unit for two years. In 1993, Mr. Mitchell returned to California to stay where he founded Mitchell Law Firm, serving San Jose, the entire Bay Area as well as California's Central Coast Communities. As an accident litigation attorney in San Jose, he focuses on several areas of personal injury law. Dedicated to his clients, including the many victims of auto, truck and motorcycle accidents, as well as premises liability, his practice has a reputation for securing substantial settlements for his clients. Mr. Mitchell has a diverse educational and professional background. His legal perspective is enriched by international study and experience. He maintains his private pilot's license with single and multi-engine ratings. Attorney Tab Mitchell is very approachable and more than happy to speak to you about any injuries you have sustained. If you are a victim of an accident and need to talk with a very caring lawyer about your injuries, don't hesitate to contact Tab Mitchell of Mitchell Law Firm at (800) 345-4LAW (4529), or fill out our web form for a free consultation.

McGill University, Faculty of Law Master of Laws
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