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Facing Medical Malpractice Issues

Matters of health should never be taken lightly, especially with expensive medical bills. If you believe a doctor may be guilty of negligence, talk to a medical malpractice lawyer. Remember, medical malpractice cases require serious attention to detail. Many personal injury lawyers have malpractice experience and can assist you in seeking money for lost wages.

Sample WY Medical Malpractice Cases

... Adams brought a medical malpractice claim against Dr. Walton, but filed the legal action after the applicable statute of limitations had run. ... Consequently, on October 19, 1168 2006, Adams filed a medical malpractice suit against only Drs. Lea and Katz. ...

... [¶ 25] I also find persuasive the following remarks of the Utah Supreme Court made in the context of Utah's Health Care Malpractice Act but generally addressing the relationship between specific statutes of limitations and a savings statute: ...

... Stat. Ann. § 33-28-111 as a matter of law. [C.] Issue regarding malpractice: Throckmartins improperly raised on appeal for the first time a claim for real estate malpractice/negligence. [D.] Issue regarding breach of covenant: The ...

... [¶ 1] Brenda Bangs, who claims that attorney Robert E. Schroth, Sr., undertook and then mishandled her legal representation by failing to timely commence medical malpractice litigation against two doctors, appeals the district court's grant of summary judgment to Mr. Schroth in ...

... "[P]reservation of a client's confidences has been described as the `bedrock principle of the Anglo-American legal system.'" Bevan v. Fix, 2002 WY 43, ¶ 50, 42 P.3d 1013, 1028 (Wyo.2002), quoting Mallen and Smith, Legal Malpractice, Adverse Representation § 17.3 Ethical ...

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