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Aviation Accident Legal Articles

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Why filing a nursing home abuse claim is good for victims and other patients

Frail and vulnerable seniors confined to nursing homes should be protected and treated with respect; unfortunately, they are sometimes victims of abuse or neglect that can result in severe injury or even death.

How it spot a drunk driver.

Signs of drunk driving are: it’s night time and the driver is driving too fast or too slow, is swerving, does not have headlights on, brakes suddenly, is weaving in and out of his lane.

Motorcycle safety

When it comes to Motorcycle Safety, a healthy level of fear may prevent accidents.

My car has been totaled. what to do next.

After a Car Accident you have the right to negotiate with the auto insurance company over the value of your car. Don’t accept their first offer.

Who pays medical bills after car accident ?

If an accident is not your fault you may be entitled to have the at fault party’s auto insurance company pay for your medical bills.

Spinal cord injuries

Serious accidents cause serious injuries to the spinal cord

Most cases are settled before they go to trial

Why most cases will settle before trial.

Department store accidents

A store has a duty to keep customers safe.

Many uninsured motorists on california roadways

Why having uninsured motorist insurance coverage is so important in California.