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Did You Know? New Jersey Can Permanently Seize Your Firearm Without a Conviction

New Jersey can permanently seize your firearms without a conviction. Once a firearm has been seized by law enforcement (required during a domestic disturbance call), the prosecutor can then begin a forfeiture action.

Great News for Due Process!

SCOTUS rules that court costs and fees associated with guilty verdicts must be refunded if the convictions are overturned.

Apple v. Department of Justce: A Look at Privacy Rights in the Modern World

A blog post looking into how modern technology has changed the way we look at privacy and how it has changed the privacy we have a right to.

How Federal Laws Provide Disability Discrimination Protection at School

A blog post about protecting our disabled children from discrimination while they are at school.

New Mexico Public Schools Accused of Constitutional Violations

A blog post about a case out of New Mexico in which a school was under investigation of violating student's constitutional rights.


Know your rights when it comes to interactions with the police. Search and arrest powers of police.

Durable Power of Attorney - Frequently Asked Questions

Power of Attorney and Durable Power of Attorney-how they work, would it help me?

Harassment Prevention Orders and Your Attorney-in-Fact

How a Power of Attorney can or cannot be used to protect an elder from harassment.

Retirement Planning & Home Equity

How to obtain cash for the equity in your home.

Court Denies Due Process Claim for Child Custody Evaluation

Blog post about a case where the court found that a father had no constitutional right of due process to have his attorney participate in the child custody evaluation process.

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