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Harvard Surgeon Seeks to Ban Power Morcellation

In October 2013, Dr. Amy Reed, an anesthesiologist at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital in Boston, underwent a routine hysterectomy at Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston to remove benign fibroids.

5 Things You Should Know About IVC Filters

The IVC Filter is a popular alternative for patients who cannot tolerate anticoagulant medication. In fact, nearly a quarter of a million of these devices are implanted each year.

Zofran’s Canadian Label Includes Warning for Pregnant Women

Over 200 Zofran lawsuits have now been filed across the country. Zofran is a medication approved by the FDA to treat nausea in chemotherapy patients and people undergoing surgeries.

Choosing a Lawyer for a Nexium Lawsuit

Numerous studies have linked the popular prescription drug Nexium to various renal problems, including chronic kidney disease and even renal failure.

Is Nexium Unsafe?

Risk is something everybody deals with. From driving cars to participating in sports; we all choose to engage in some activities that carry an inherent risk of harm. Why do we choose to do these things, even though they may harm us?

Why Are Women With Ovarian Cancer Who Used Talc Getting Big Money?

Talcum powder, commonly known as “talc,” has been shown to cause ovarian cancer in women who use it in their genital area for long periods of time. Several recent lawsuits have resulted in multi-million dollar verdicts for talc users.

The 40 Cent fight

NRS 629.061 limits what a hospital and/or doctor can charge for medical records. Sometimes, its worth the fight.


Reporting fraud committed against the government is a civic duty that has made millionaires out those who have spoken up. The US government is defrauded out of millions of dollars every day. Fraud against the government impacts us in many ways such as higher taxes and reduced government benefits.

Medicaid Coverage Of Hospice Care

Though talking about hospice care is never easy and can be emotional, many ill individuals will have to go on hospice care to get them through the final days of their illness. The patient and family will also have to find a way to financially cover the hospice case costs, which can be substantial.

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