Top 10 Workplace Safety Tips for Every Employee

by Sean Greene on Apr. 11, 2019

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Summary: This article discusses the Top 10 Workplace Safety Tips for Every Employee

Your alarm goes off in the morning, you roll out of bed and get in the shower. You pick out what you will wear, pack your lunch and head out the door. You don’t consider that you may be ending your day in the hospital. Most people never consider the possibility of being injured at work, but it happens hundreds of times each week.


Workplace accidents cost billions to the insurance industry every year. The good news for the insurance companies and workers alike is that most of these accidents can be avoided. The following is a compilation of the top 10 workplace safety tips that can be used by every employee, no matter their occupation.




When is the last time you drove to work and couldn’t really remember how you go there? When is the last time you performed your job and couldn’t remember how you got it done? When people get into a routine, they do things on autopilot. This can be incredibly dangerous in the workplace. Always stay aware of your surroundings, especially if you work around large machinery.




Back injuries are common in the workplace, and most of these injuries aren’t acute. Instead, back injuries are normally the result of repetitive motion or poor posture. Pay close attention to your posture as you go about your day. Whether you are sitting, standing or moving, your back and shoulders should be aligned properly.




It is a federal law that employees be given a certain number of breaks per hours worked. Some employees choose to work right through their breaks in the interest of getting the job done. Avoid this practice. Taking frequent breaks keeps your mind sharp and your muscles moving.




All tools and machinery that you use as a part of your job should be used properly. If you are unsure how to use something at your workplace, ask for training. Don’t be tempted to take shortcuts in order to get more work done or to get your work done quicker. One of the most common reasons for injury at work is the misuse of tools and equipment.




In the event of an emergency, you may need to leave your work area or the building altogether. Always be aware of the location of exits. Keep the path to exits clear and free of hazards.




If you notice a hazard or unsafe condition, report it to your supervisor as soon as possible. Once you have reported a true hazard, your employer is required by law to remedy  or repair it. It is up to the company you work for to make sure that you are not injured on the job.




There are things that may make your job a little bit easier. You may have access to conveyor belts, wheelbarrows, step stools and other equipment. Make good use of these things. They are there to help ensure your safety and continued good health.




Most people don’t know that about three percent of all workplace fatalities occur because an employee was drinking or taking drugs. Stay sober at work. It may be tempting to go have a beer at lunch, but even one drink can compromise your ability to work safely.




Reducing workplace stress is another way to avoid injury. Long hours, a too-heavy workload and a lack of job security can all lead to stress that can affect your ability to work safely. If you have concerns that are keeping you up at night, talk to your supervisor.




Are you wearing the right safety equipment for your job? If you aren’t, you need to start. Whether your job requires you to wear eye protection, ear protection, gloves or other safety equipment, do it. These things are provided to you for your protection. If you are provided them, fail to wear them and are injured as a result, you could damage your ability to receive compensation.


Workplace injuries are common. Unfortunately, many of these injuries could have been avoided if employees and their supervisors were more vigilant about how duties were being carried out. Taking the steps above will help to ensure that you don’t become a workplace injury statistic.


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