Meet Our Spokesperson


Actress and activist, Lindsay Lohan, has teamed up with to help consumers access quality legal services. helps thousands of knowledgeable consumers each week, but millions more could use to avoid the frustration and failure of antiquated lawyer search methods. With her help, many more consumers will delight in the ease and speed of's services.

Lindsay Lohan’s Role with

​Lindsay Lohan is's exclusive spokesperson during the 12 month engagement and will also act as our marketing and brand advisor. Each month she meets and brainstorms with management on new strategies to raise's awareness including producing compelling content, connecting to media leaders, and launching fun videos and commentaries to her 20 million social followers. In return for her extensive commitments to the success of, her compensation includes a substantial option ownership position in the company.



Starting out as a Ford model at age 3, Lindsay Lohan has over 20 years of global success as an actress, singer, writer, entrepreneur, and advocate. Her starring roles in iconic movies including Parent Trap, Freaky Friday and Mean Girls have made her one of the world's most recognized personalities across all demographics and from teenagers to grandparents. She co-wrote two music albums which earned platinum and gold status and her song 'Rumors' sold over 500,000 copies. She directed the widely acclaimed music video for 'Confessions of a Broken Heart ' which she performed at the American Music Awards. Lindsay Lohan made her stage debut on London's West End in Speed-the-Plow, has performed on stage with the band Duran Duran and currently performs in and co-writes the UK sitcom, Sick Note. Her entrepreneurial activities include the mobile game 'The Price of Fame', Club Lohan in Athens, a cosmetics line, a clothing line, and the lifestyle site Preemium. She is a long time advocate of drug abuse causes and women's rights. This April she is co-producing and appearing in the all women production 'Frame' to be filmed in Saudi Arabia.