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Motorcycle accidents can happen anytime and may occur anywhere. It may cause personal injury or property damages. It is better to seek professional legal help to get the highest compensation.

Does workers' compensation cover dental injuries?

If you’ve sustained dental injuries at work, inform your employer at once.

Attorney rob kornfeld helps change immigration law through injury claim win

Attorney Rob Kornfeld Helps Change Immigration Law Through Injury Claim Win

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Kornfeld Law Recovers Favorable Settlements for Three Car Accident Claims

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Attorney Kornfeld Selected to The National Trial Lawyers: Top 100

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Beautiful as it may be, driving through Missouri can also be quite dangerous.

Proving medical malpractice – what attorneys consider

Pennsylvania medical malpractice law is complicated, and not everything that goes wrong during a medical procedure is grounds for a valid medical malpractice case. If you have been injured by a medical professional or institution, you should seek the advice of an experienced medical malpractice attorney to see whether you have grounds for a lawsuit to receive compensation.