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Hunter Pyle Law


Hunter Pyle Law

Employment, Workers' Compensation,

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Please include all relevant details from your case including where, when, and who it involves. Case details that can effectively describe the legal situation while also staying concise generally receive the best responses from lawyers.

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Hunter Pyle Law is a firm located in Oakland, California. We are committed to representing those who most need representation. Our professional philosophy is to provide the best possible legal services to our clients and to do so in the most ethical manner.
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"Hunter Pyle Law is hands down the most amazing group of people I've ever come in contact with. They truly made me feel like I was apart of their family and they did everything in their power to make the process as easy as possible. I was first put in contact with Tanya Tambling. She is an amazing attorney. She walked me through every step of the process, explained everything thoroughly, and always made me feel comfortable. She's compassionate and she truly cares about every individual person she helps. I was then introduced to Hunter Pyle who assisted Tanya and gave guidance and support along the way. Hunter is a great attorney who fights for his client(s). Both Tanya and Hunter as a team are a remarkable duo. Their expertise in their field and compassion to help others is what keeps them thriving. Sometimes unfortunate events happen in our lives and if you've got Hunter Pyle Law on your side, you are in good hands. Tanya and Hunter thank you so much for everything you have done. You've both helped me in ways I can't even express."

  1 year ago     Amber Green

"Hunter Pyle is an exceptional attorney. In general people of his character are extremely hard to come by, particularly in the legal arena. In my experiences with Hunter Pyle and his firm I have always found him to be an exceptionally talented lawyer with a very keen understanding of the law. On top of his legal prowess he is someone with the utmost integrity. His skills as an attorney are razor sharp, he is very intelligent and quick thinking. His rare willingness to always understand the human aspect of a case was a welcome comfort for me. He and his firm achieved the best possible outcome for my case and they did so with the highest level of diligence, skill, integrity, and compassion. The world would be a better place with more people like Hunter Pyle, that is the plain truth."

  1 year ago     Midensky Family

"Hunter Pyle is a talented and effective attorney, and he is a kind and compassionate person to boot. He helped my mother navigate a very contentious legal action against her former employer, and with his help my mother ended up walking away with a very fair and sizable monetary settlement. He also helped with various legal issues that were outside the scope of his services. Hunter is a genuinely nice guy, and just as importantly he's an outstanding lawyer. I would recommend him without reservation to anyone dealing with an employment law issue... and I take pity on anyone who faces him in court!"

  2 years ago     Alex Clark

"I can't think of a better attorney - for any amount of money. I was a defendant in a very unpleasant lawsuit (not that any litigation can be considered remotely pleasant). Hunter was whip-smart, but equally as importantly he was very strategic about how we pursued the case. Moreover, despite no guarantee of success, he was the only attorney who took on my case on my not unlimited budget. There were other good attorneys with whom I was in negotiations at the time, but I likely would have still been paying off my attorney's fees to this day had I not signed on with Hunter. Finally, no matter how dire things looked for me (and there were many days when I wasn't sure if things could get worse), Hunter was able to help me set my mind at ease, consult with me about what needed to get done, and move forward with it. Thanks to his representation, I think the best of all possible outcomes was achieved in my situation. Though I hope to have nothing to do with the litigation process in the future, I have recommended many prospective clients to his practice, know of a few whom he's taken on, and am confident that they, too, are receiving the best possible representation - for any budget."

  2 years ago     Igor Tregub

"If you ever need an attorney at one of the worst time's in your life, as in my case. You can do know better then Hunter Pyle Law. I first met with Hunter who took my case on, but also made me feel very comfortable. He later introduced me to Tanya who took over my case from there. By the time I left the office for the second time, I knew that I had made the right choice in choosing them too represent me. The whole time through this stressful period, Tanya made sure that I understood everything going on. Taking all the phone calls and answering every question that I had. By the time everything was done, Tanya made me feel like she had my well being and interest at heart. I hope too never have to go through something like this again. But if I did, my first phone call would be too Hunter Pyle Law. I can not truly express how grateful I am too this law firm and the people that work there. Thank You Again"

  2 years ago     Ron Pacheco

Hunter Pyle Law
428 13th St
Oakland, CA 94612


428 13th St
Oakland, CA 94612

Other Locations:
  • Proudly serving Oakland, California and the surrounding areas.

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