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When we decided to form a partnership for the second time (what we call JP2) we knew we wanted to make sure our clients understand our philosophy about the business of practicing law. It's simple really. We believe in forming long lasting relationships with every client. We believe that to truly help our clients we have to get to know them as people first and clients second. We need to deal with the current problem but also try to forsee when and where the next problem may appear. Finally, we believe in helping our client's prepare for the problems of the future.

This philosophy is born out of our history together. We became friends in 1985 during our first year of law school at Wake Forest University. We graduated law school in 1988 and found jobs with different law firms in Winston-Salem. In 1993 we left our respective firms and became law partners in Jessup & Probst (JP1). We remained partners until 1997 when Debra accepted a teaching position with Wake Forest University. Debra later moved to Florida with her family. Over the years, we practiced law in different firms and lived in different states. Our kids grew up and we got older. Like everyone else, we experienced the ups and downs of life. And through it all we remained friends.  And when Debra returned to North Carolina she became associated with Bob's firm.

Our own life experiences have taught us that life is full of twists and turns and unexpected bumps in the road. That the weather is not always clear and the road forward is sometimes obscured by life's storms. Our long friendship has taught us that it is our relationships that matter most.  And when our clients need legal help it is our relationship with them that makes the difference and helps us craft the solution that is best for them.  

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