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Law Firm of Raymond Mitchell


Law Firm of Raymond Mitchell

Consumer Bankruptcy, Divorce & Family Law, Wills & Probate, Lawsuit, Power of Attorney

  • Fax: 239-542-2004
  • Firm Size: One Attorney, Two Paralegals
  • Firm Year: 2004
  • Office Hour: M-F 9:00am-7:00pm
  • Language: English, Spanish, (Korean- by paralegal)

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Please include all relevant details from your case including where, when, and who it involves. Case details that can effectively describe the legal situation while also staying concise generally receive the best responses from lawyers.

By submitting this lawyer request, I confirm I have read and agree to the Consent to Receive Messages, Terms of Use, and Privacy Policy

Raymond Brian Mitchell

VERIFIED Credentials and Bar Status verified by on Oct 23 2013
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Bankruptcy, Divorce & Family Law, Wills & Probate, Lawsuit, Power of Attorney
Protecting Your Children, Family, Income, Assets, Life, Liberty, Property, and Pursuit of Happiness!

Protecting Your Life, Liberty, Property, Family, Income, Assets, and Pursuit of Happiness! Eliminate Debts & Get a Fresh Start! See Your Children! Pro... (more)

Appeals, Constitutional Law-First Amendmen

"There are not enough wonderful things to say about Raymond and his office team.nHaving an unsuccessful experience with other attorneys, I was privileged to meet Raymond. It's been over 2 xbd years since he has been involved with my complicated Child Custody case. With this being said, Raymond continues fighting for my rights with patience when describing the procedures to me. He is very honest and upfront about everything, he made sure I understood exactly where we were at and what was happening by always keeping me in the loop. He is involved in every step of the way, late when the opponent filed an unjust sanction against me Raymond fought back and gave me peace with the knowledge of the law that it was a frivolous act and continues to encourage me. I can't thank him enough for his dedicated time, and hard work he puts into my case. nI found Raymond Mitchell to be compassionate, hard-working, availability, knowledge of the law and professionalism is second to none. nWithout a doubt, I highly recommended Raymond for any Divorce or Child Custody issues that you are going through! Thank you again, Raymond and team, for all that you are doing."

  1 month ago     Mai Banh

"Mr Mitchell and his very friendly staff took great personal care with our case. One lawyer and two qualified paralegals walked us through a confusing and complicated bankruptcy. We did our part in providing the money we agreed upon and the information needed to file. They immediately went to work for us and had us filed one month from the date of our consultation. Theresa is one of two paralegals in the office. She was friendly, quick and accurate. We talked on a very regular basis while she put the case together. nShe is more than qualified and very pleasant!!nThank you all so much for helping my family and I get a fresh start!nGod bless!"

  1 month ago     SCOTT GRAY

"Raymond and his paralegals are fantastic! I hired this firm to file a case for me. Whenever I had any questions or concerns, I would call and get the answers I needed, they are very knowledgable and quick to return my calls. My case was filed quickly. Raymond and his team made this stressful time in my life easier and less stressful. If I ever need an attorney again, I will use this firm! I would recommend them to anyone that needs help!"

  1 month ago     Destiny Harmon

"5 stars is not enough for this man! He is the 5th attorney and decided to stay! I found out he is not only a great listener but has a very practical knowledge of the laws! He helped me through the divorce case and guided me through the whole process. This lawyer is what I need and is willing to assist me in every way possible. I highly recommend him 100%! There is no other like him!"

  3 months ago     Eloisa Moulton

"I'm not sure which attorney I spoke to here but he was extremely rude and unprofessional, to the point of calling me names. I refuse to work with them if thats how they handle business. I didnt even get to talk about my case or anything. It was a miscommunication with the phone line and shortly after I recieved a rude email that was completely uncalled for and I did not deserve it! People who are looking for attorney's usual have some sort of distress on their life and they look for someone to trust and this is not it ."

  2 months ago     Brianna Nickerson

Law Firm of Raymond Mitchell
3717 Del Prado Blvd.
Cape Coral, FL 33904


3717 Del Prado Blvd.
Cape Coral, FL 33904

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