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Schwartz & Naderi

Schwartz & Naderi

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Arvand Naderi

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Criminal, Car Accident, Personal Injury, Products Liability, Credit & Debt
Effective, experienced, and honest criminal defense.

I am a criminal defense attorney that takes pride in what I do. Unfortunately, the practice of criminal defense has become a contest that is more about securing retainers and not about serving the... (more)

"Where to be begin, Mr. Arvand Naderi was the best attorney I've ever had the pleasure of hiring and I've hired a few. First he took the time to introduce himself and talk to me about my case, the possible outcomes, and what he was going to do for me, which really made me feel comfortable with him. When we went to court he went to work right away and worked diligently for me and I got the best possible outcome, my case was completely tossed out and I walked out of the court room a free man. Him and his partner are well worth the money, you can't put a price on a dismissed case and I highly recommend him over anyone else, he's the best period."

  1 month ago     Marsel Koci

"A good friend of mine needed some legal assistance and was greatly helped by the team at Schwartz and Naderi. Every step of the way my friend was guided and ultimately got a fantastic legal result by picking the firm. I cannot recommend enough the work these guys do!"

  1 year ago     Darren Galerkin

"I think he did the best for himself but he didn't do anything on my case and put me in lot of trouble and after that he doesn't answer me also I paid 2000$ for nothing , it's not a fair"

  1 year ago     John Alexander

"I cannot say enough great things about Arvand. After I was questioned by detectives regarding a white collar crime, I immediately looked for a lawyer. After speaking to about 10 different lawyer I chose Arvand. During our 15 minute conversation he made me feel at ease and confident that he would work hard for me. I was worried about losing my job if I were randomly picked up on a arrest warrant. He convinced the detective to let me turn myself in at a time that was convenient for me. He told me what to say and what to do when I turned myself in. He gave me the information to a bail bondsmen that gave me a discount and got me out in less than 4 hours. Arvand really does everything he can to make sure you can continue on with your normal life. Between court dates if I had any questions or concerns, I could always reach him on his cell phone. He never made me feel like I was bothering him or being a dramatic girl (I was totally being a dramatic girl). When it came time for sentencing Arvand fought hard with me. He was not going to allow me to lose everything I had worked for. He is extremely connected and beloved by everyone at Van Nuys court. He is highly respected. The DA wanted to give me 2 years state prison because I have a prior felony conviction. She was not budging. Arvand was not taking that. He spoke with the judge and got me county jail time and probation. That was absolutely amazing! It was a miracle! There is no way I would have gotten that offer with a different lawyer. I know I got this because Arvand is so highly respected by this judge. He explained everything to me and even helped me stay calm when I got overwhelmed through the process. He even got the judge to agree to let me surrender myself in 7 weeks, so I could get things in order and prepare. With all Arvand's help I will be able to get my life back on track. When someone so respected and kind puts their name on the line for you it makes you not want to let them down. If you are looking for an intelligent, hardworking, and honest lawyer please do yourself a favor and hire Arvand. On a side note, he is absolutely hilarious. There wasn't one time speaking with him that I didn't laugh. Laughter really makes this process a lot easier."

  3 years ago     Alicia Fritzal

"Thank you!r If was a great experience working with Arvand and his staff! He was very professional from day 1 and made sure the process was clear and made us feel very confident with his level of knowledge. Rates was very reasonable. His assistant, Brenda, was great! She often went over and beyond our expectations to get things we needed done or to provide us with information regarding our case. I highly recommend Arvand!"

  5 years ago     A Google User


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