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"Eric Sexton is the attorney working with me to resolve my divorce case and I have found him to always be courteous and professional in assisting with this. He has taken time to develop a respectful relationship by sharing his own experiences and expertise as we work through the issues involved. Although, we have not yet concluded this case; his expert counsel has been invaluable in making suggestions that reflect his knowledge of the best way to proceed for a successful resolution to my case. Updated 6/30/17: Eric & I are in the final aspects of our case. I have found that he continues to provide attention to the details of working to finalize my divorce in the best manner possible now just as he did months ago when we started. Mr. Sexton is a true professional in ensuring that we have kept to the facts even when opposing council has inappropriately engaged in dishonest and unfounded accusations. Despite the difficulty in working to this point Eric Sexton has maintained his composure and allowed his expertise to create a final divorce agreement that will close this case and protect all parties involved. Thanks again!"

  1 year ago     James Hall

"I was just recently awarded joint legal and joint physical custody of our daughter. It has been a 2 year struggle. It has been a tough 2 years, I COULD NEVER BE MORE HAPPY! I want to give my heartfelt thanks to the Stange Law Firm and a *SPECIAL* shout out to Senior Associate REGINA WELLS who did a fantastic job. There are a lot of good fathers out there who are being denied equal custody of their kids. That is why child support and custody reform is needed now. I thank God and I want to thank again Senior Associate REGINA WELLS who brought this victory home. *****"

  2 years ago     Edward Hughes

"Regina did a fantastic job of communicating the details of my case. Without her help this would have been an impossible issue to overcome. Great team and great firm!"

  2 years ago     Terence Crawford

"I had lost all hope in my child custody case before Regina Wells was assigned to me as my attorney. The time I first spoke with her on the phone, she put me at ease. When Ms. Regina stepped in the court room she consistently pushed back on the opposing attorney and did not back down until she felt sure that my daughter was in the best situation as possible (not the adults). She even went as far as trying to sway the judge to allow certain motions. Her presentations to the judge were ones that made the judge sit back and think. I have to say from day one until present day I am extremely satisfied with the quality service that I have been receiving. Ms. Regina makes sure that I receive updates so I know where I stand, and when I have questions she makes sure that explains it to me in direct plan language. I am not going to lie there where times when I wanted to just give up but Ms. Regina made sure that I saw the bigger picture. Ms. Regina was able to send a settlement papers to opposing counsel without having to spend months in court. I would not hesitate to recommend her or Stange Law firm, for anybody looking for high quality legal representation. Their personal touch in making you feel comfortable, in a very difficult and emotional situation is comparable to none."

  2 years ago     Amy Thomas

"Mr.sexton was professional and explained everything very well. Also responded and updated me very promptly"

  2 years ago     Bret Schumer

Stange Law Firm, PC
16024 Manchester Road
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16024 Manchester Road
Ellisville, MO 63011

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