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This Sponsorship unit displays on 368 pages for 92 cities in Hawaii and across 4 Intellectual Property sub-practice areas.

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Tips can help you easily and quickly find Hawaii Intellectual Property Lawyers and Hawaii Intellectual Property Law Firms. Find Intellectual Property attorneys by major city or select a city from the list of all Hawaii cities. Alternatively you can search for Intellectual Property attorneys for all Hawaii cities or search by county. You may also also find it useful to refine your search by specific Intellectual Property practice areas such as Copyright, International Intellectual Property, Patent and Trademark matters.

Sample HI Intellectual Property Cases

... ordered Wayne to pay child support to Julianne on behalf of the two children, ordered Wayne to pay alimony to Julianne, and awarded Julianne "any and all interest in all of [Wayne's] rights, title and interest to any copyrights, patents, or any other intellectual property that he ...

... There is nothing in the record to demonstrate that IndyMac had any legally recognizable interest in the Property or the Mortgage at the ... problem, but, as Judge Posner eloquently noted, because "law is an instrument of governance rather than a hymn to intellectual beauty, some ...

... only native Hawaiians can become homestead lessees, the State and counties violate the Fourteenth Amendment by providing real property tax exemptions ... they have suffered an injury to a recognized interest, as opposed to `merely airing a political or intellectual grievance.'" Id ...

... fire department, any other government agency, or any public utility that deals with emergencies involving danger to life or property. ... Adjustment Disorder with Mixed Disturbance of emotions and mood[,]" and "mild mental retardation or borderline intellectual functioning." However ...

... purposes, purchases, attempts to purchase, or is solicited to purchase goods or services or who commits money, property, or services ... 1"); Black's Law Dictionary 1491 (9th ed. 2009) (defining "personal service" as "an economic service involving either the intellectual or manual ...

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