Marshville Lawyer, North Carolina

Jake C. Helder

Commercial Leasing, Commercial Real Estate, Defamation & Slander, Condominiums, Conveyancing
Status:In Good Standing

Jake C. Helder is of Counsel to Caldwell, Helder, Helms & Robison, PA, having been a partner in the firm... (more)

Thomas J. Caldwell

Agribusiness, Commercial Real Estate, Conveyancing, Elder Law, Eminent Domain
Status:In Good Standing

Thomas J. Caldwell is a partner in the law firm of Caldwell, Helder, Helms & Robison, PA. He joined the... (more)

James Allen Lee

Business Organization, Wills & Probate, Construction, Corporate, Estate Planning
Status:In Good Standing

James Allen Lee joined Caldwell Helder Helms & Robison, PA as an attorney in August of 2005, practicing... (more)

Rebecca L. Robison

Family Law, Child Support, DUI-DWI, Adoption, Traffic
Status:In Good Standing

Rebecca Robison joined Caldwell, Helder, Helms & Robison, PA in 2005, where her primary focus is in... (more)

R. Kenneth Helms

Business Organization, Medical Malpractice, Eminent Domain, Collection, Banking & Finance
Status:In Good Standing

R. Kenneth Helms, Jr. is a partner in the law firm of Caldwell Helder Helms & Robison, PA. He joined... (more)

Stephen M. Bennett

Family Law, Corporate, Litigation
Status:In Good Standing

Stephen M. Bennett joined Caldwell Helder Helms & Robison, P.A. as an attorney in October of 2008,... (more)

Trey Robison

Collection, Bad Faith Insurance, Construction, Animal Bite, Premises Liability
Status:In Good Standing

Trey Robison joined Caldwell, Helder, Helms & Robison, PA In 2003. Since that time Trey has become a... (more)

Aimee Bennington

Litigation, Real Estate
Status:In Good Standing

Aimee Bennington joined Caldwell Helder Helms & Robison, PA as an associate in September of 2008.Aimee is a... (more)

Robert D. Palmer

Real Estate, Medical Malpractice, Corporate, Trusts, Wills & Probate
Status:In Good Standing Licensed:25 Years

Robert W. Prevost

Status:Inactive Licensed:24 Years