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Tips can help you easily and quickly find New Jersey Intellectual Property Lawyers and New Jersey Intellectual Property Law Firms. Find Intellectual Property attorneys by major city or select a city from the list of all New Jersey cities. Alternatively you can search for Intellectual Property attorneys for all New Jersey cities or search by county. You may also also find it useful to refine your search by specific Intellectual Property practice areas such as Copyright, International Intellectual Property, Patent and Trademark matters.

Sample NJ Intellectual Property Cases

... Corp. — is a Delaware corporation that maintains its principal place of business in Connecticut. It is engaged in the business of owning certain intellectual property, in the form of patents, trade secrets and technology. That property ...

... To undertake this plan, plaintiff formed a wholly-owned corporation, Axxa Group, Inc. (AGI), in which he deposited his intellectual property and related business plan information. The implementation of plaintiff's plan required him to raise between $50 and $200 million in capital. ...

... The present matters are further distinguishable from Lanco in that AccuZIP and Quark are not affiliated with a corporation that has a physical presence in New Jersey; neither of the Corporations' intellectual property is displayed in New Jersey store locations to generate sales ...

... [3] Specifically, plaintiff alleged that the law firms: (1) were negligent or grossly negligent in the preparation and protection of plaintiff's intellectual property; (2) 523 breached their contractual obligations to represent plaintiff diligently before the USPTO; (3) committed legal ...

... customers. [2] As described in her deposition, instead of making physical objects for the company to sell, she creates intellectual property that will become part of the web application the company's customers will pay to use. She ...

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