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This Sponsorship unit displays on 288 pages for 72 cities in Rhode Island and across 4 Intellectual Property sub-practice areas.

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Tips can help you easily and quickly find Rhode Island Intellectual Property Lawyers and Rhode Island Intellectual Property Law Firms. Find Intellectual Property attorneys by major city or select a city from the list of all Rhode Island cities. Alternatively you can search for Intellectual Property attorneys for all Rhode Island cities or search by county. You may also also find it useful to refine your search by specific Intellectual Property practice areas such as Copyright, International Intellectual Property, Patent and Trademark matters.

Sample RI Intellectual Property Cases

... all of Seller's right, title, and interest in and to the names "Pat's Italian Restaurant" and/or "Pat's Italian Food", and any good will related thereto; all of Seller's rights in or to tradenames, patents, copyrights, trademarks, or any other form of intellectual property related to Seller's ...

... " In sum, Defendants maintain that "as two highly regulated businesses whose business models are predicated on intellectual property and which receive private medical information from patients and their medical providers," they have good cause to support their ...

... In the instant matter, Plaintiffs have alleged that there was a transfer of corporate assets in the form of products, trademarks, and other intellectual property related to the Kugel Patch; that Defendants continued the business of Surgical Sense by continuing to market and sell the ...

... The principal assets of both corporations consisted of the patent, names, trademarks, and all associated intellectual property rights of Davin's brand of motor vehicle wheels, particularly its patented continuous motion technology custom "spinner" wheels, as well as the ...

... 3. You engaged in activities to facilitate the use of state property and/or resources to intentionally conspire with an unauthorized user(s) and a business entity (the Shire Corp) to give access to intellectual property owned by RIDOT. ...

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