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Lawyer.com can help you easily and quickly find Wyoming Criminal Lawyers and Wyoming Criminal Law Firms. Find Criminal attorneys by major city or select a city from the list of all Wyoming cities. Alternatively you can search for Criminal attorneys for all Wyoming cities or search by county. You may also also find it useful to refine your search by specific Criminal practice areas such as DUI-DWI, Felony, Misdemeanor, RICO Act and White Collar Crime matters.

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The sooner your court date is, the sooner you need to consult with a criminal lawyer. An experienced criminal lawyer will research your case, build a great defense, and have your best interests in mind. Having a criminal charge filed against you requires fast action. Find a criminal lawyer now and see if you have a chance to plea bargain or have the charges removed entirely.

Sample WY Criminal Cases

... Swain also appeals his conviction for indirect criminal contempt arising from his failure to comply with the district court's order requiring him, as a condition of probation, to attend and complete an inpatient substance abuse treatment program. ... [1]. Criminal Contempt Conviction. ...

... our decision in Halbleib v. State, 7 P.3d 45, 49 (Wyo.2000), contends that Mr. Jackson was not entitled to any credit against his original sentence because the incarceration pending probation revocation proceedings was not "directly attributable" to the underlying criminal charge ...

... Heywood v. State, 2007 WY 149, ¶ 26, 170 P.3d 1227, 1234 (Wyo. 2007). [¶ 10] Nevertheless, we have also stated that the trial court commits a fundamental error, and reversal is required, when it fails to give an instruction on an essential element of a criminal offense. ...

... [¶5] Upon the subsequent execution of a search warrant on Schafer's truck by Special Agent Aaron Shatto of the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation, two boxes of liquid and crystal methamphetamine were found, as well as a scale, baggies, and other drug-related items. ...

... After reexamining the length of delay in the criminal proceedings and the reasons for the delay, the district court declined to find a constitutional speedy trial violation. ... The Sixth Amendment guarantees every criminal defendant a speedy and public trial. ...

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