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Warren D. Price

Immigration, Criminal, White Collar Crime, Misdemeanor, DUI-DWI

Murphy & Price LLP is a full-service Criminal defense law firm. We handle federal cases throughout the... (more)



Jeffrey J Sadri

Employment, Discrimination, Contract, Criminal, Federal Employees
Employment Litigation, Discrimination, Administrative Agency Practice, Settlement Negotiations

Attorney Jeffrey J. Sadri represents employees in the private, state, and federal government sectors... (more)


Real Estate, Personal Injury, Intellectual Property, Litigation, Wills & Probate
General civil law firm featuring litigation, real estate, probate, intellectual property

John “Terry” Brennan has represented clients in the courts for over twenty-five years. He has practiced... (more)

Criminal, DUI-DWI, Felony, Misdemeanor, Internet

Annapolis Criminal Defense Law Firm If you face criminal charges, an experienced and respected defense... (more)

Edward J. Maher

Landlord-Tenant, Car Accident, Traffic, Medical Malpractice, Workers' Compensation

The sole practice area of this firm is landlord-Tenant law. Edward Maher has practiced in this area since... (more)

Patrick Preller

Accident & Injury, Criminal, DUI-DWI, Misdemeanor, Traffic

The Law Office of Patrick S. Preller is dedicated to serving both the community of Baltimore as well as the... (more)



Byron B. Warnken

Personal Injury, Car Accident, Criminal, Workers' Compensation, Medical Malpractice

Byron’s practice focuses on personal injury and workers’ compensation. Individuals are harmed or... (more)

Byron L. Warnken

Criminal, Lawsuit & Dispute, Accident & Injury, Litigation, Ethics

Byron L. Warnken, Esq. handled his first case in 1978. His experiences in litigation and counseling... (more)

Labor Law, Employee Rights, Litigation, Discrimination, Employment

Mr. Pilachowski proudly represents his clients in Employment law matters.

Evan J. Feldman

Business, Real Estate, Bankruptcy, Accident & Injury, Lawsuit & Dispute

Evan Feldman is an experience lawyer, who practices in real estate, bankruptcy, business, estate, and... (more)