No. 89-R-99011-SCT

Supreme Court of Mississippi.

June 18, 2009.



This matter is before the Court en banc on the Court's own motion to amend Regulation 4.14 of the Mississippi Rules and Regulations for Mandatory Continuing Legal Education to add "The National Center for Justice and the Rule of Law" and the "American Institute for Justice" as continuing legal education sponsors. After due consideration, the Court finds that the amendments, as hereinafter set forth, will promote the fair and effective administration of justice and that they should be adopted as set forth herein.

IT IS THEREFORE ORDERED that Regulation 4.14 of the Mississippi Rules and Regulations for Mandatory Continuing Legal Education is amended, effective July 1, 2009, as set forth in Exhibit A, hereto.

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that the Clerk of this Court shall spread this order upon the minutes of the Court and shall forward a true certified copy to West Publishing Company for publication as soon as practical in the advance sheets of Southern Reporter, Third Series (Mississippi Edition) and in the next edition of Mississippi Rules of Court.


Exhibit A





4.14 Continuing legal education activities sponsored by the following organizations (hereinafter referred to as Sponsors) are presumptively approved for credit, provided the standards set out in Regulations 4.1 through 4.13 are met.

Abbott & Weems "Recent Mississippi Law"

Accredited law schools (ABA or AALS)

Alabama Institute for CLE

American Academy of Hospital Attorneys

American Academy of Judicial Education

American Agricultural Law Association

American Association of Railroad Trial Counsel

American Bar Association and Bar Sections

American Bankers Association (legal programs only)

American Business Law Association

American Board of Trial Advocates

American College of Mortgages Attorneys

American College of Probate Counsel

American College of Real Estate Lawyers

American College of Trial Lawyers

American Corporate Counsel Association

American Institute for Justice

American Institute on Federal Taxation

American Intellectual Property Law Association

American Judicature Society

American Law Institute

American Society for Law and Medicine

Association of Insurance Attorneys

Association of Trial Lawyers of America

Bar Associations of Other States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and Trust Territories

Boackle, K.F.

Bureau of National Affairs

Central Mississippi Legal Services

CLE International

Commercial Law League of America Fund for Public Education

Construction Education Management Corp. (legal programs only)

Copyright Society of the U.S.A.

Council of School Board Attorneys, MS School Boards Association

Court Practice Institute, Inc.

Credit Union National Association, Inc. (legal programs only)

Cumberland School of Law Institute for CLE

Defense Research Institute

East Mississippi Rural Legal Services

Eastern Mineral Law Foundation

Edison Electric Institute

Federal Bar Association

Federal Energy Bar Association

Federal Insurance Counsel

Federal Judicial Center

Federal Publications, Inc.

Food Marketing Institute

Government Institutes, Inc.

Gulf Coast Law Institute

International Association of Defense Counsel

International Association of Insurance Council

Jackson Young Lawyers Association

Law Journal Seminars Press

Legal Education Institute

Legal Sections, agency programs U.S. and state government

Library of Congress Legislative Service

Library of Congress (American Law Division)

Louisiana Trial Lawyers Association

Magnolia Bar Association

Maritime Law Association

Medi-Legal Institute

Memphis Bar Association

Mississippi Association of County Board Attorneys

Mississippi Bankruptcy Conference

Mississippi Bar Association, and Bar Sections, Local, County and Regional Bar Associations in Mississippi

Mississippi Chapter, Federal Bar Association

Mississippi College School of Law

Mississippi Defense Lawyers Association

Mississippi Institute of Continuing Legal Education

Mississippi Judicial College

Mississippi Law Institute

Mississippi Legal Services Coalition

Mississippi Municipal Attorneys Association

Mississippi Oil and Gas Lawyers Association

Mississippi Pro Bono Project

Mississippi Prosecutors College

Mississippi Society of Certified Public Accountants

Mississippi Tax Institute

Mississippi Trial Lawyers Association

Montgomery County, Maryland Bar Foundation

Motor Carrier Lawyers Association

National Association of Bond Lawyers

National Association of Attorneys General

National Association of College and University Attorneys

National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

National Association of Railroad Trial Counsel

National Bar Association

National Business Institute

National College of District Attorneys

National College of Juvenile Justice

National Contract Management Association

National District Attorneys Association

National Employment Law Institute

National Health Lawyers Association

National Institute for Trial Advocacy

National Institute of Municipal Law Officers

National Judicial College

National Legal Aid and Defender Association

National Organization of Social Security Claimants' Representatives

National Practice Institute

National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (legal programs only)

New Mexico Trial Lawyers

New Orleans Orthopaedic Clinic (legal programs only)

New York University School of Continuing Education in Law & Taxation

North Carolina Academy of Trial Lawyers

North Mississippi Rural Legal Services

Norton Institutes (CRR Publishing Co.)

National Association of Bond Lawyers

Patent Resources Group, Inc.

Practicing Law Institute

Prentice Hall Law and Business, Inc.

Professional Education Systems, Inc.

Professional Trial Lawyers Institute, Inc.

Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation

Securities Industry Association (legal programs only)

South Mississippi Legal Services

Southeast Mississippi Legal Services

Southeastern Bankruptcy Law Institute, Inc.

Southern Federal Tax Institute, Inc.

Southwest Mississippi Legal Services

Southwestern Legal Foundation

Tennessee Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

Tennessee Trial Lawyers Association

The National Center for Justice and the Rule of Law

The Southern California Tax & Estate Planning Forum

The Southern Trust School (Alabama)

Transportation Lawyers Association

Uniform Commercial Code Institute

University of Mississippi Center for Continuing Legal Education

U.S. League of Savings Association (legal programs only)

U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Legal Education

Veterans Administration (Office of General Counsel)

Westcott Communications

Other Sponsors may be added to this list as their identities and programs are confirmed by the Commission.


[Amended effective August 1, 1995; Regulations 4.7, 4.9 and 4.10 amended effective

December 9, 2004 to allow limited use of approved on-line programs; amended effective July 1, 2009 to add two approved sponsors to Regulation 4.14.]