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Compete for the top ranking in searches for your practice area and location.

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Premium Members have immediate phone access to our expert Member Representative team for all account issues and legal marketing advice.

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Edit or update all content on your Premium Profile as you like or have your dedicated Member Representative build it for you.

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Premium Members qualify for additional premium services including Top Practice Listings and the LawyerLine service.

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All Premium Profiles receive additional LAWPOINTS™ at each of their first two Membership Anniversaries.

Value Guarantee

After screening and detailing each call, we will push important calls to your direct line with an announcement (customized by you). We ensure you are always as prepared as we are.


In addition to increased exposure on, Premium Members have access to several services to help grow their firm’s revenue.


LawyerLine provides 24/7 call intake for firms who struggle with:

• answering, & quickly returning, client’s calls

• missing calls altogether when you’re in court or in meetings with other clients

• concerns about your team’s intake process, organization, & professionalism


LawyerLine is designed to solve all of your client management issues, from missed calls, to mismanaged leads, to forgotten follow ups. Clients are never made aware that our call handlers are not physically located in your office.

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LawyerConvert is a Client Management service that puts our intake team to work across all of your marketing channels. By having our team handle each of your new revenue opportunities, you can ensure your potential clients receive industry-leading customer service and brand consistency while freeing up invaluable hours of your staff’s time.


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