University of Washington School of Law | Seattle, United States


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  • Location: 4293 Memorial Way Northeast, Seattle, WA 98195
  • Parent School: University Of Washington
  • Year Founded: 1889
  • 2018 Enrollment: 700
  • 2016 Graduates: 149
  • Took the Bar Exam: 145
  • Percent Pass Rate: 94%

The school was first organized in 1899. The current law building, the William H. Gates Hall, was completed and occupied in September 2003, funded by and named after William H. Gates Sr., the father of Microsoft-founder Bill Gates. Its architecture is modern and energy-efficient, with windows and skylights allowing natural light to fill the library and corridors. The school was previously located in the second Condon Hall from 1974-2003, located several blocks west of the main campus. From 1933-74 the law school occupied the first Condon Hall in The Quad, which was renamed "Gowen Hall" in 1974.