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  • Lindsay Lohan Becomes Spokesperson for Legal Website

    Source: JD Journal has unveiled its unlikely new spokesperson, and she’s no stranger to dealing with the law! In a new video released Tuesday, actress Lindsay Lohan advocated for the website while also poking fun at herself.



  • Lindsay Lohan is the new spokesperson for

    Source: Entertainment Weekly
    Lindsay Lohan, star of Mean Girls and The Parent Trap, has a new gig: spokesperson for website, which connects consumers to attorneys.

  • Lindsay Lohan lands perfect gig, as spokesperson for

    Source: AOL
    Lindsay Lohan has been announced as the new spokesperson for, a “lawyer and law firm directory.”

  • Lindsay Lohan Is Earning Her Keep From

    Source: Dlisted
    If this was 2010 Lindsay Lohan, debt collectors would be sharpening their knives as soon as the direct deposit went through to her account since the likelihood of getting her to follow through on anything was pretty bleak. But this is 2018 Lindsay, and she’s here with a beyond-fitting endorsement deal from a website that promises to find a lawyer to take care of all of life’s speed bumps (like a DUI or two or 40), and she is here to WERK by offering Donald Trump the team of legal professionals!


  • Lindsay Lohan Is The New Face Of And It's Already Iconic

    Source: Buzzfeed
    I'm just gonna cut to the chase because I don't have time for a plucky intro!!!! Lindsay Lohan is the new spokesperson for and the first commercial is truly iconic:

  • Lindsay Lohan Is Practically Elle Woods

    Source: PAPER
    Remember how Lindsay Lohan inexplicably became the new spokesperson for Well, turns out that she's taking her legal expertise all the way to Harvard Law School to give the school a commencement address for the ages. Eat your heart out, Reese Witherspoon!

  • Lindsay Lohan Pivots To Law As The Face Of

    Source: Refinery29
    Lindsay Lohan has a new — and unexpected — gig as the new spokeswoman for, a data base of sorts for all your legal service needs. According to the site, the movie star/makeup mogul will spend the next year promoting the site across her social platforms through campaigns and fun (well, as fun as legal-related content can be) videos. Additionally, she'll help brainstorm ways to improve outreach and the site's overall functionality.

  • Lindsay Lohan Is Now Ironically the Spokesperson for

    Source: Cosmopolitan
    In terms of celebrity endorsement deals, there are tons that feel like a really natural fit. Justin Bieber in Calvin Klein underwear, for example, seems like a thirst-inducing no-brainer. But, in a truly genius move, asked legendary troublemaker Lindsay Lohan to be their spokesperson, because who knows more about needing a lawyer than her?

  • Lindsay Lohan is the Shining Star of...

    Source: Out
    We know it’s 2018 and logic has been turned upside down and ripped apart, but we’re still fully gagged by Lindsay Lohan’s new job. The Mean Girls actress has dropped her strange accent and taken on the starring role as spokesperson for—and its kind of genius.

  • Lindsay Lohan Is's New Spokesperson & It's SUCH A Weird Choice

    Source: Bustle
    Celebrities endorse all kinds of things — shampoo, wine, underwear — but this may be the first time lately that one has endorsed a site dedicated to offering people free legal advice. As reported by BuzzFeed, Lindsay Lohan is's new spokesperson, and yes, it is an odd career move for the Mean Girls actress to make. But it's also a bold one.

  • Let's Talk About Lindsay Lohan's New Career as Spokesperson for

    Source: Jezebel
    A rousing round of applause for the people who decided that beleaguered child star Lindsay Lohan should resurrect her career by serving as spokesperson for!

  • Lindsay Lohan Trolls Trump & His Pesky Legal Issues With A Bit Of Advice

    Source: Bustle
    When you're mocked on your favorite social media platform by one of the few celebrities who used to support you, it might be a sign that the public opinion about you is really sinking to a new low. On Wednesday, Lindsay Lohan trolled President Trump on Twitter, telling him that he should look for an attorney using the website she now represents,

  • Lindsay Lohan is the new face of, and everything feels right in the world if only for a fleeting moment

    Source: Hello Giggles
    Lindsay Lohan is officially back on our screens — in her original accent, no less — but unfortunately, it’s not because she *finally* got Mean Girls 2 off the ground. In a very interesting twist of fate, the Life-Size actress is the new spokesperson for — and honestly, we can’t decide if we should have seen this one coming. But it seems we’re not alone, as Lohan was just as surprised that wanted her to be its spokesperson.

  • Lindsay Lohan Is The New Spokesperson For

    Source: Nylon
    Lindsay Lohan is very, how do we say, familiar with the law. As former child stars typically do, she’s had her fair share of run-ins with the authorities. It’s ironic, then, that she’s just become the new face of

  • Lindsay Lohan Has Announced That She's Speaking at Harvard Law; Let's Speculate

    Source: Jezebel
    Lindsay Lohan announced on April Fool’s Day that she will be giving the commencement address at Harvard Law School. We have approximately four hours before the truth is confirmed/denied.

  • Lindsay Lohan Announces She Will Be Harvard Law School Commencement Speaker

    Lindsay Lohan announced she will be a speaker during Harvard Law School's commencement. Since the announcement was made on April Fool's Day, there are reasons to be skeptical.

  • Lindsay Lohan just asked Donald Trump if he needed a lawyer, and this is 2018 y'all

    Source: Hello Giggles
    On March 20th, 2018, Lindsay Lohan announced that she was the new face of It’s no Mean Girls 2, and yet this role is so perfect, it’s like it was written for her. Who better to do spon-con for a website that helps you find a lawyer than Ms. Lohan? It is so delightful and so on the nose, it should surprise no one that one of her spokesperson duties includes trying to get the president, Donald Trump, to seek his next lawyer on their website.

  • Lindsay Lohan Unveiled as the Face of

    Lindsay Lohan is back in front of the cameras again, this time taking on the role of being the new face of

  • Lindsay Lohan Trolled Donald Trump With Legal Advice

    Source: Nylon
    Lindsay Lohan has taken trolling of Donald Trump to a whole new level.


  • Lindsay Lohan Joins as Spokesperson, Marketing Advisor and Investor

    March 20, 2018
    Actress and activist, Lindsay Lohan, has teamed up with​ to help consumers access quality legal services. For many consumers, navigating the complexities of various types of law is challenging and connecting with qualified lawyers is nearly impossible. Lohan is working with to help raise awareness and connect people in ​challenging circumstances with top local lawyers. Since its founding in 2009, has focused on building advanced matching technology and a team of specialists who guide inexperienced consumers to successful lawyer matches.

  • Launches LawyerLine™, a Lawyer-Only Call Answering Service

    March 01, 2017, a global lawyer directory and matching service, launched its first offline venture today with the introduction of LawyerLine™, its advanced call-answering service for lawyers and law firms.

  • Becomes First Legal Online Directory Provider to Adopt HTTP/2 Protocol

    Nov 15, 2016
    Lawyer. com continues to set the pace in technology innovation in the online legal services marketplace with the announcement that it has become the first to adopt the HTTP/2 protocol for delivering services matching lawyers with consumers over its portal. By integrating HTTP/2, can now deliver search capabilities and matching services at the fastest speeds and highest level of security possible in the industry today over desktop or mobile devices. The HTTP/2 protocol has been supported by such technology industry giants as Google, Facebook and Microsoft.

  • ​ Pokemon Hunt Contest: Search on for Rare Pokemon Characters and Win $10,000 in Prizes

    July 15, 2016
    Searching for Pokemon with Nintendo's Pokemon Go app is serious work. Searching for the perfect lawyer is also serious work. The Team works hard to help one million visitors each month.

  • ​ April Fool's Response: Artificial Intelligence Legal Advice Request

    April 01, 2016 sends tongue-in-cheek April Fool's email requesting legal help from Artificial Intelligences. The email detailed that it was only a matter of time before began connecting Artificial Intelligences with top lawyers.

  • ​First Annual Law Office Halloween Spirit Contest

    October 01, 2015
    As the darkness of Halloween approaches, Law Offices nationwide are showcasing their Halloween spirit with colorful pumpkins, scary Jack-O-Lanterns, and preparing the most creative costumes.

  • ​ ​is​ First Major Legal ​Services Company to Accept Bitcoin Payments

    August 04, 2015 members now have a new way to pay. The online lawyer-match directory now accepts Bitcoin, allowing for faster, cheaper transactions. The new service is now offered with a 10% savings to members and potential clients.

  • ​'s Online Directory Launches In Canada

    June 17, 2015
    Canadian consumers now have access to's free online lawyer-match directory. The site has added 76,000 Canadian lawyers to compliment its database of 1.7 million U.S. Lawyers.

  • ​Google's Mobilegeddon Hurts Law Firms, reports

    Apr 24, 2015 reviewed mobile readiness across its database of over 100,000 U.S. law firm websites. Using Google's mobile friendly test suite on the April 21 switch date, found 46% of small firm websites and 39% of all firm websites failed. Industry leaders including Latham & Watkins and Skadden Arps also failed the tests.

  • ​ to Implement Google Authorship in Leading Online Directory

    Apr 23, 2013 is proud to incorporate Google Authorship in its directory of 500,000 lawyers. The new technology will send additional traffic to our member lawyers as they look to incorporate Google best practices in their online marketing efforts.

  • ​Special Offer: Google Adwords $100 Complimentary Spend

    March 05, 2013
    In today's competitive legal environment many lawyers are searching for something to set them apart from competition. Google AdWords is becoming the primary marketing tool for lawyers in search of the business they deserve. For a limited time, is offering $100 Complimentary AdWords Spend to kick start online success. The offer is limited to the first 100 lawyers or law firms. Contact

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