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... [ΒΆ5] The second issue arose because Jesse obtained a credit card so as to consolidate his Mother's credit card debt onto one credit card that was going to be interest free for the first year. The card was issued in both Mother's ...

... 5. That because of my position, I have become familiar with commercial paper used to document debt in the credit industry; and in particular, I am familiar with the paper used to document by the original lender in this matter. ...

... courts from allocating the dependent tax credit in the same manner they allocate other marital assets in divorce proceedings." 81 As such, the district court was within its authority when it ruled that Wife was entitled to the credit. ... C. Allocation of Debt and Judgment to Nonparty. ...

... Section 21 treats the parties' credit card debt and an LPL SAM account funded with assets provided by Mr. Wunsch's father, providing that each party is responsible for his or her own credit card debt, and the parties shall equally repay the funds provided by Mr. Wunsch's father. ...

... that the correct interpretation of the settlement agreement is that Wife was required to reimburse him for the $155,000 loan out of her share of the Logan Mountain proceeds rather than the debt being paid out of the joint proceeds because he used his credit, ie, separate funds, to ...

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