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Easily find Wyoming Products Liability Lawyers and Wyoming Products Liability Law Firms for your location. Narrow your Products Liability attorney search for Wyoming by major city or a specific Wyoming city using the city list. Or search for Wyoming Products Liability attorneys by county. For more attorneys, search all Accident & Injury areas including Animal Bite, Asbestos & Mesothelioma, Aviation Accident, Car Accident, Defamation & Slander, Malpractice, Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury, Property Damage, Railroad Injury, Slip & Fall Accident, Toxic Mold & Tort and Wrongful Death attorneys.

Sample WY Products Liability Cases

... Loredo raised claims of product liability and negligent design against Joy Technologies. ... In a products liability action based upon the theory of strict liability, the focus is upon the product, itself, rather than upon the activities of the manufacturer. McLaughlin, 778 P.2d at 64. ...

... of other jurisdictions. Broadly speaking, Nevada applies the economic loss doctrine to bar recovery in tort for purely monetary harm in product liability and in negligence cases unrelated to product liability. Nevada law may also ...

... The gross product tax is an ad valorem tax on personal property. Ashland Oil Co. v. Jaeger, 650 P.2d 265, 268 (Wyo.1982). ... [ΒΆ 27] The Sutherlands assert that as owners of only the surface of Parcel 2, they have no responsibility or liability under Wyoming law for the payment of ...

... We then went on to list the various ways in which a licensee or non-licensee could be exposed to civil liability by violating various provisions of Title 12. [3] Our conclusion was that "the legislative product remained a full and comprehensive regulatory scheme expressing the ...

... G. The district court's revival of Newman's bad faith claim at trial, and the district court's imposition of bad faith liability under Scherer [3] following ... "The two factors which are examined under the lodestar test are: '(1) whether the fee charged represents the product of reasonable ...

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