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Producer shopping agreement

Introduction to Producer Shopping Agreements

Talent attachment agreement

Introduction to Talent Attachment Agreements

Common defenses against breach of contract

Just because a contract has two signatures at the bottom, this does not automatically make it ironclad. Contracts are breached all the time, and courts are asked to decide whether the breach is justified.

Does a majority shareholder need a shareholders’ agreement?

Does a Majority Shareholder Need a Shareholders’ Agreement?

New record keeping requirements for corporations that own interests in land in ontario

New Record Keeping Requirements for Corporations that own interests in land in Ontario

Reasons to hire a corporate lawyer when purchasing a business

Reasons to Hire a Corporate Lawyer When Purchasing a Business

Hiring a corporate lawyer when purchasing a business

Hiring a Corporate Lawyer when Purchasing a Business

Driving without insurance in ontario – consequences and options

Driving without insurance in Ontario – Consequences and Options

Check the box

Businesses have the option of telling the IRS how they want to be taxed by the “Check-the-Box,” or “Select-the-Box” method.