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Collections lawsuits: stop them before they happen

Collectors may be patient for a short time if you have been going through a rough spell after sickness or an accident, but eventually, they want to collect, even if it is much less than they were originally owed.

Student loan debt ten years ago was $600 billion

If you are having issues paying your student loan debt, review every option available to you before going into default. The repercussions are long-term and can lead to wage garnishing, federal interception of tax refunds, and other major problems.

Dionne warwick’s bankruptcy

Singer Dionne Warwick led bankruptcy in 2013 after several consecutive years of tax troubles that resulted in a $7 million tax bill to the federal government and a $3 million tax bill to the State of California.

Mark twain’s bankruptcy

Here is the lesson to be learned from Mark Twain: Whether you le for bankruptcy or not, your strengths are still your strengths.

Default judgments can make finances tight for younger debtors especially

Dealing with bills is challenging to begin with, but you may be completely overwhelmed after being served with a lawsuit or finding that a default judgment has been granted against you if you failed to take proper action.

What property is protected?

What Property Is Protected?

How do i go about filing a chapter 7 or chapter 13?

How Do I Go About Filing A Chapter 7 Or Chapter 13?

How do i decide if any type of bankruptcy is the right option?

How Do I Decide If Any Type Of Bankruptcy Is The Right Option?

What do you charge and when must it be paid?

What Do You Charge And When Must It Be Paid?