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Child support modification

Florida courts provide some self-help forms for the pro se litigant. You may be able to handle your basic child support modification needs, but it is always best to get a family lawyer to help you. Though these forms are helpful, there may be case facts that allow for other avenues. Call, text, or email us for help with your Child Support Modification! 904-504-8689


In Florida, the only grounds needed for a divorce is that the marriage must be irretrievably broken. A divorce is a package deal, closing up all issues during the same proceeding. This means you will get the divorce, your assets will be split, alimony will be determined, and, if applicable, your child custody and child support will be ordered.

Reasons to modify child custody

A quick overview of the reasons a court will look at when determining if child custody should be modified.

Protection orders in nebraska

An Article discussing the different Protection Orders available in Nebraska and information about filing for a Protection Order without an Attorney.

How to get divorced in york, nebraska.

An Article discussing the options available to get divorced in Nebraska and providing information about filing for divorce in Nebraska without an Attorney.

Is your marriage headed toward divorce?

Is your marriage headed toward divorce?

5 common misconceptions people have about divorce

5 common misconceptions people have about divorce

How does your marital debt impact your divorce?

What Happens to Debt during a Divorce.

Family law, divorce and child custody cases in the age of covid-19: electronics to the rescue

Article describes the general procedures used by the El Paso County District Court for family law divorce and custody cases using video and phone systems during COVID-19 outbreaks

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