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Five things to keep in your car at all times in case you have an accident

It’s been estimated that the average driver may have three to four accidents over their lifetime. You’ve probably already been involved in one, whether as a driver or passenger, whether the accident was serious or just a fender bender. It makes sense to prepare for your next accident, so you’ll be able to make a bad situation easier to handle.

6 common hazards for renters

6 Common Hazards for Renters

I have a previous back injury and hurt my back at work recently. will that affect my workers’ comp claim?

I have a Previous Back Injury and Hurt My Back at Work Recently. Will that affect My Workers’ Comp Claim?

What to do if your child is bitten by a dog

What to Do If Your Child Is Bitten by a Dog

Picking the best bicycle helmet for you and your family

Picking the Best Bicycle Helmet for You and Your Family

Common construction site injuries

Common Construction Site Injuries

Returning to work after a st. louis workplace injury

Here are 5 tips to follow when returning to work after a workplace injury.

When medical facilities are chaotic and understaffed, everyone suffers

Chaotic, stressed, overworked and understaffed medical facilities are dangerous for the people who work there and for patients, as they often result in a higher risk for medical error. Research published in the American Journal of Emergency Medicine shows that medical staff who experience more stress factors also make more mistakes, and their patients experience more adverse effects that are unrelated to their illness.

If a road defect causes an accident, who is at fault?

Most car accidents are caused by one driver operating a vehicle negligently, for example tailgating another car or running a red light.