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Discrimination Legal Articles

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Nursing home injuries that call for legal action

When we place our loved ones in nursing homes or adult living facilities, we expect them to be cared for in a safe, clean and professional environment. Unfortunately, this does not always happen, and incidents of injuries, neglect, or even abuse of the elderly in nursing homes occur all too frequently.

"ban the box" law prohibits criminal history requests on employment applications

Some Vermont employers and employees still unclear on effect of Vermont "Ban the Box" statute, which generally prohibits employers from asking about criminal history on the initial employment application.

Police officers make mistakes too, part 2

Police Officers Make Mistakes Too, Part 2

Police officers make mistakes too, part 1

Police Officers Make Mistakes Too, Part 1

Protecting property and freedom

Protecting Property And Freedom

Guardianship litigation

A brief overview about Guardianship Litigation.

Laws protecting children from bullying at school

There are laws protecting children from bullying at school. If a child is bullied there is recourse.

The emergence of aboriginal jurisprudence: decolonizing the canadian legal system

This paper argues that the Canadian legal and constitutional framework needs to be constructed on a broader, multi-juridical base, namely one that recognizes Aboriginal legal traditions as “giving rise to jurisdictional rights and obligations.”

Introduction to settler colonial legal theory

There is growing demand for reflection and critical scholarship on settler colonialism as a distinct social and historical formation. This need arises from the fact that settlers ‘come to stay’: they bring with them political orders, and assert claims to sovereignty in the lands they occupy.