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News article: appeals judges grill police on inmate death

News article: Appeals judges grill Milwaukee police, inmate death

News investigation on inmate deaths

Inmate deaths investigation in Milwaukee County Jail

News investigation on police takedown, civil rights matter

News investigation on police takedown, civil rights matter

Two days in the pillory, three years imprisonment: a criminal defense perspective on a post-roe louisiana

A criminal defense perspective on Louisiana reproductive rights post-Dobbs

Who can serve as guardian?

According to Mental Hygiene Law § 81.03, there are different types of guardians, and this article provides you with a brief summary of the types of guardians in New York.

Applying for a religious exemption for covid-19 mandated vaccination

Millions of Americans work for private companies that are mandated all employees receive the COVID-19 vaccination before December 8, 2021.  These corporations must allow exemptions from the vaccine based on sincerely held religious objections.  The forms for seeking a religious exemption, however, can be minefields.  The wrong claim and even the wrong wording to support such a claim may lead to a denial.

San antonio news article

San Antonio News printed the article and interviewed Michael Greer and Shane Langston as counsel for the Conservatorship.

The dark scanner; and your rights

The expansion of facial recognition technology is moving faster than the law can keep up with.

Can local government ban homeowner from displaying political banners with curse words

A Roselle Park, New Jersey Municipal Court Judge, Gary Bundy, recently ruled that Patricia Dilascio, a homeowner, violated a local ordinance by displaying various banners in her backyard stating, “Fuck Biden,” “Socialism Sucks Biden Blows,” “Fuck Biden, Not My President” Another banner read, “Fuck Biden” with a picture of Donald Trump raising both of his middle fingers. Bundy ordered the homeowner to remove the signs with “profanities” within a week or face a $250-a-day fine. Did Bundy’s order violate the homeowner’s First Amendment right of Free Speech? Most likely


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