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Employment Contracts Legal Articles

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Entertainment executive employment agreements

Introduction to Entertainment Executive Industry Employment Agreements

Do i have a case for sexual harassment?

Not all workplace harassment is unlawful, but employees who feel they are victims of sexual harassment should seek legal advice as soon as possible.

Nursing mothers' rights

Minnesota law protects the rights of nursing mothers.

Can i sue for wrongful termination?

Although Minnesota law does not recognize a legal claim for "wrongful termination," there are many circumstances where a termination may be unlawful and, therefore, the basis of a legal claim.

Court rules in favor of employee who lost childcare

Minnesota Court of Appeals ruling gives parents a bit of assurance of some financial security - in the form of unemployment benefits - if they must quit their jobs because of a loss of childcare.

Returning to work after a st. louis workplace injury

Here are 5 tips to follow when returning to work after a workplace injury.

Internships: to pay or not to pay?

Whether an intern is entitled to payment is a complex issue. If not properly categorized and compensated, an "intern" may be entitled to wages.

Why whistleblowers are often former or current employees

If you know a business or organization is acting illegally, and it’s something that’s not generally known, that may be the basis for you to act as a whistleblower, which affords you certain legal protections and rights. That information can’t be known among the public and would normally be considered confidential at the organization. As a result, it’s known by only a handful of employees, perhaps including some who have left to work elsewhere.

Hazards faced by st. louis hospital employees

No matter what job you work, you need to take the necessary steps to keep yourself safe. To do this, you need to understand the hazards of your career and do whatever you can to avoid them. If you are a hospital worker, this list is a great start.