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Addressing repetitive motion injuries in the workplace

Repetitive motion injuries are a serious concern in modern workplaces. Understanding their implications and taking proactive steps for prevention are crucial.

Top causes of occupational fatalities and prevention tips

Over a million workers die annually from job hazards. Falls, machinery malfunctions, and accidents are top causes, highlighting the need for safety and workers' comp claims.

Dangers of building collapses and shifting surfaces

Annual building collapses lead to 343 deaths, not just from engineering flaws but also natural events. Workers face amputations, brain injuries, fractures, respiratory issues, and psychological traumas.

How often will a workers’ compensation case go to trial?

Approximately 5% of all workers’ comp claims go to trial. Most claims get settled through mediation, arbitration, or out-of-court settlements. Going to trial can be costly and lengthy for employees.

Shoulder impingement: an overlooked work-related injury

Shoulder impingement is a common but often overlooked work-related injury affecting various professions. Symptoms include persistent shoulder pain and limited range of motion. Treatment can include medication and sometimes surgery. Workers' compensation can cover costs, but the claims process may be complex.

Finding the right missouri work injury attorney for your case

To find the right Missouri work injury attorney, seek one with extensive experience, positive client reviews, clear communication, and that offers a free initial consultation.

Can i choose my own doctor for treatment of a work-related injury?

In Missouri, employers typically select the doctor for work injuries. However, with legal guidance, there may be exceptions.

Essential guide to st. louis workers compensation claims

After a work injury, understand your rights, consult with a workers' comp attorney, dispute insurance claims, and seek due compensation for specific injuries.

Workers compensation for mcl injury

Suffered an MCL injury at work? Ensure you receive your rightful workers' compensation benefits by speaking with an experienced workers' compensation attorney.