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Exposing the biggest real estate frauds in californoa

Learn about the biggest real estate frauds in California and how Deldar Legal can help protect you from falling victim to these scams.

[watch] "care custodians in california probate law" by newport beach real estate attorneys

In California, a Care Custodian is a legal arrangement in which a court appoints an individual or entity to make decisions and provide care for an adult who is unable to care for themselves due to physical or mental limitations.

Care custodians in california probate law

In a previous article, we discussed the omitted spouse statute in California, which provides for the decedent’s surviving spouse when the decedent has failed to provide for said spouse in their will or trust.

[watch video] "estate planning? consider joint tenancy" by newport beach real estate attorneys

When a person dies, often their estate, meaning their real and personal property along with any liens or debts they may have had, goes into probate.

Estate planning? consider joint tenancy

After a person is deceased, their estate often goes into probate, along with their real and personal property, and any liens or debts they may have had. In California, not every estate needs to go through the formal probate process.

Does jointly held property have to go through probate in connecticut?

Does Jointly Held Property Have To Go Through Probate In Connecticut?

What is a health care proxy in connecticut?

What Is A Health Care Proxy In Connecticut?

What is a living will in connecticut?

What Is A Living Will In Connecticut?

Do i need a will if i have a living trust in connecticut?

Do I Need A Will If I Have A Living Trust In Connecticut?


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