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How do i legally settle a boundary dispute with a neighbor?

How do I legally settle a boundary dispute with a neighbor? Newport Beach Real Estate Attorneys explore how to navigate the path to resolve a boundary dispute.

Why mechanics lien deadlines are important to meet

Mechanic's liens are legal claims that contractors, subcontractors, or suppliers can place on a property to secure payment for work or materials provided. By adhering to a mechanic's lien time limits, which varies from each state, one may successfully accomplish the goal of getting through this legal procedure.

Parking rights in california according to real estate attorneys

It's important for property owners, developers, and community members to be aware of local zoning regulations and actively participate in the zoning and land use planning process to ensure that parking rights align with the needs and goals of the community.

Specific performance - a remedy for a contract breach

Specific Performance - A remedy for a contract breach. Instead of receiving money damages, the non-breaching party can request that the court order the breaching party to fulfill the terms of the contract or perform the agreed-upon action. 

I need to legally resolve a contruction dispute. who should i talk to?

To legally resolve a construction dispute in Nevada, it is advisable to consult with Las Vegas Nevada Real Estate Attorneys who specialize in construction law.

How can you obtain an easement in california?

Newport Beach Real Estate Attorneys In California discuss how the creation of an easement involves certain legal requirements and procedures.

How can a real estate attorney help me review a contract i already signed?

A Real Estate Attorney in Nevada can provide general guidance by reviewing your specific real estate contract. For accurate legal advice one should sign up for a phone consultation with an experienced, qualified Real Estate Attorney.

Did you receive a foreclosure complaint?

Discussion of options available to save your home

The end of single family zoning in california (almost)

Recently enacted state laws have virtually done away with single family home zoning in California. Except if a property is in an historic district or in a sensitive environmental zone, any single family zoned lot can now contain two units, no matter what local zoning states. The new laws also allow lot splits where previously lot splits were not possible.