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Patent infringement

A short article discussing the fundamentals of patent infringement, the different kinds, and how to best deal with it.

What is patent law?

A short article discussing the fundamentals of patent law, which details the rules and regulations of the patent application process.

How to file a patent application

A short article on how to file a patent application, including the USPTO filing process, international application filing process, post-filing procedures, and new matter.

What is a patent?

A short article that provides a detailed explanation of patents, including the three types of patents, patentability criteria, the patent application process, and the importance of patents.

What is a patent attorney?

A short article explaining what a patent attorney is and how that is different than other intellectual property lawyers.

Maier & maier helps cigar reserve llc settle southern district of indiana patent litigation

Maier & Maier Helps Cigar Reserve LLC Settle Southern District of Indiana Patent Litigation

Supreme court finds fair use in google v. oracle

Supreme Court Finds Fair Use In Google v. Oracle

Overcoming sect. 101 rejections: uspto guidance, recent decisions to meet sect. 101 patent eligibility requirements

Overcoming Sect. 101 Rejections: USPTO Guidance, Recent Decisions to Meet Sect. 101 Patent Eligibility Requirements

Ibm-ipwe’s push to tokenize patents could revolutionize portfolio monetization

IBM-IPwe’s Push to Tokenize Patents Could Revolutionize Portfolio Monetization


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